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WWDC 2020 – How to Organize Siri Shortcuts in Folders?

WWDC 2020 – How to Organize Siri Shortcuts in Folders?.

In iOS 14, shortcuts get a much-needed feature – folders. Instead of looking for a shortcut in a lost list, you can neatly organize them into folders. Let’s see how.

Organize Siri Shortcuts into folders

Along with support for folders, Siri shortcuts will also support launching shortcuts from the Apple Watch and will have a separate section. This will allow you to have more powerful shortcuts and the ability to launch them without your iPhone.

To move shortcuts to one folder, open the Shortcuts app and open All Shortcuts. On this screen, you will find all the shortcuts created on your iPhone, click the Select button in the upper right corner.

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Select all the shortcuts you want to move. After that, just click the move button at the bottom. If you have no folders, you will be prompted to create one. Tap New folder.

Here you can give the shortcut folder a name and icon. Once you’ve selected an icon and name, click Add to finish. Your shortcuts are now available in the appropriate folder.

Last words

It was a long-awaited quick way to organize shortcuts in iOS 14. I used shortcuts before it was called Workflow. Shortcuts have received several major updates that allow you to perform some tasks that iOS would otherwise prevent you from doing. If you want to know more about shortcuts, please visit this link. If you have any questions about shortcuts, let me know in the comments below, or drop me a line on Twitter.

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