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Will the magic mouse not attach scrolling or not?

Will the magic mouse not attach scrolling or not?.

Apple’s Magic Mouse is, in many ways, one of the most innovative mice in recent history. However, in the experience of many users, this mouse can be inexplicably difficult to use when it decides it is difficult.

If your Magic Mouse refuses to connect or behaves strangely when scrolling or moving, here are some common problems and fixes for Apple’s rodent soap bar.

Is Everything On And Charged?

Let’s start with the basics. Is your Mac turned on? Is bluetooth enabled? Does Magic Mouse charge? If your mouse uses removable batteries, consider checking and replacing them.

Basically, move on to fundamental things that may seem too simple to miss. This may sound a little simple, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time troubleshooting an issue just to realize that it’s as easy as flipping the power switch on your mouse.

This is also what you should do as part of basic troubleshooting. Turn the mouse power switch on and off, check if the LED indicator blinks properly. If not, and you have replaced or charged the battery, you may need to contact Apple.

Is It The Magic Mouse?

Don’t assume the mouse is to blame. Try to narrow the problem down to the specific mouse or computer you are trying to use it with. Connect the Magic Mouse to another compatible device to see if the problem persists.

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If you have another mouse, you can also connect it to the first computer to see if your mouse and the other mouse are having problems. If you’re using a MacBook, make sure the trackpad is working properly, as some issues can be shared between the two pointing devices if the issue is with macOS itself. This is a quick way to find out which component is the real culprit.

Check For Loose Battery Connections

This only applies to the 1st generation Magic Mouse, which uses removable batteries. These mice are notorious for having poor battery connections. For example, if you pick up and replace the mouse, the batteries will disconnect briefly, causing the mouse to reset.

This is incredibly frustrating and there are many homemade fixes. One of the best, it seems, is to put a small folded piece of aluminum foil between the battery terminal and the battery. Some rechargeable batteries are also slightly thicker and taller than disposable batteries, which may solve the problem.

Is The Mouse Paired?

If this is your first time using a Magic Mouse with a specific Mac, you need to pair it. If it’s already paired with another Mac, you’ll need to turn it off first.

The pairing procedure is also different for Apple’s new Magic Mouse 2 and the original model. Since you can have so many different combinations of devices, it’s best to check out Apple’s official guide on installing Magic Mouses and other Apple wireless peripherals.

Are There Sources Of Interference?

Your Magic Mouse uses Bluetooth, which is a type of digital radio. While modern digital radio connections do a pretty good job of removing interference, if there are too many sources of interference on the same frequency, the mouse will have connection problems.

This can be caused by many independent Wi-Fi hotspots, a large number of Bluetooth devices, and analog radio interference from strong electrical sources. If your Magic Mouse is having connectivity problems in one area but not others, there is a good chance the problem is due to excessive interference. The only solution here is to reduce the interference or, if possible, move the computer. If none of these options work, you will have to use a wired solution.

Is The Mouse Tracking Properly?

If the problem is not that your Magic Mouse won’t connect at all, but rather that the pointer is not moving steadily, you may just have a dirty sensor. Optical mice use a tiny camera along with internal light to watch for changes in the surface the mouse is moving over. All you need to do is gently clean the sensor lens with a damp earpiece.

Tracking problems can also be caused by the surface you are using for the mouse. For example, mice often find it difficult to work with glass surfaces. Try a mouse pad or simple pants to see if the problem goes away.

Finally, interference or weak signal is another common cause of tracking problems. Move the mouse closer to your computer, or check for sources of interference as described in the previous section.

Common Magic Mouse Scrolling Fixes

So your Magic Mouse was scrolling fine the last time you used it, but now it suddenly stops working! There can be many different reasons for this, but there are some general fixes that people who encounter this issue swear by. Most of them are quick and easy to try, so they are worth trying!

If none of this works, the last resort is to check for macOS updates in the hope that there is some kind of bug that has been fixed. If your Magic Mouse still won’t scroll on your Mac (or elsewhere), you’ve probably done enough to ask Apple to take a look at it.

Magic Mouse Alternatives

If your Magic Mouse really ditches the digital ghost, you might consider replacing it with an alternative. There are many great pointing devices that work great with macOS and even offer functionality that Magic Mouse lacks.

We especially love Logitech’s MX Master Mouse series. They are ergonomic, have many buttons and allow you to quickly switch between devices. We tested the MX Master 2S simultaneously with Mac, Macbook and iPad. Just press a button and you will be taken to the next device immediately.

Apple Magic Trackpad 2 is the best option over Magic Mouse 2 when it comes to gestures and working with a limited desktop. Trackpads are not suitable for situations like video games, but professional users may find it is a better overall choice than Magic Mouse.

If you are still using Magic Mouse 1, you will also be pleasantly surprised by the improvements in Magic Mouse 2. Last but not least, this is the end of annoying loose battery problems and many other small bugs that Apple has fixed with its second generation device.

Whatever you choose, we hope you get back to work as soon as possible!

Will the magic mouse not attach scrolling or not?

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