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Why Amazon Prime Gaming Is Awesome

Why Amazon Prime Gaming Is Awesome.

Amazon is constantly adding new benefits to its Amazon Prime subscription service. If you’ve recently taken a look at the extensive benefits, you’ve probably ticked Amazon Prime Gaming off the list.

In this article, we’ll explain what Amazon Prime Gaming is, whether it’s worth it, and what rewards and free games you can get with a subscription.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming (formerly known as Twitch Gaming) comes with an Amazon Prime subscription. In other words, if you are a Prime member, Prime Gaming is a bonus that you get for free.

Prime Gaming offers a range of benefits, including free games, in-game trophies, and a monthly subscription to the Twitch channel of your choice. The rewards are constantly changing, so you can always find something new.

To activate Amazon Prime Gaming, all you have to do is link your Twitch account to an Amazon account that has an activated Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year. The student subscription offers six months free, then a 50% discount for up to 4 years.

The Benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming

If you’re wondering if Amazon Prime is worth the money, the first step is to explore everything the service has to offer.

For Amazon Prime members, Prime Gaming provides several additional benefits, including:

Free Games: Prime Gaming gives you access to several exclusive games that you can download for free and play forever.Prime Loot: Subscribing to Prime gives you the ability to unlock in-game content for several popular games (they are listed below). To unlock these items, all you have to do is watch Twitch streams. Twitch Subscription: Prime members receive a free Twitch channel subscription for $4.99 per month. In doing so, you can subscribe to any channel of your choice once a month and gain access to subscriber privileges for that particular channel.

Exclusive emojis and chat color options: Get access to several exclusive emojis, including KappaHD, and set your chat to any color.Members-only chat icon: Prime membership gives you a crown icon next to your name in chat. Extended storage. Save your broadcasts on Twitch for 60 days (instead of the usual 14 days).

What Free Games are on Amazon Prime Gaming?

There are currently six free games included with Prime Gaming. These games are in constant rotation, so every few months you should have new free games to choose from.

As of March 2022, free Amazon games include:

Madden NFL 22 on OriginSurviving MarsSteamWorld Quest: Hand of GilgamechPeek InsideThe Stillness of the WindCrypto Against All OddsPesterquest

To get free video games at Prime Gaming:

Sign in to Prime Gaming. Go to games.

Select Claim under each game you want to add to your library.

Now these games will always be available in your game library.

Note. Some Prime rewards are only available on PC (depending on whether they are PC exclusives). To receive available Prime Gaming rewards on Xbox or Playstation 5, you need to link your Twitch account through the Twitch app.

What Loot Can You Get From Prime Gaming?

As with free games, the in-game content that Amazon Prime Gaming members can unlock by watching Twitch streams is constantly changing. As of March 2022, free loot includes the following games:

BlankosLegends of RuneterraRuneScapeWorld of WarshipsNarakaAssassin’s Creed Valhalla< /li>Lost ArkLeague of LegendsRobloxMobile LegendsRiders RepublicDead by DaylightBlack Desert MobileBrawlhalla Call of DutyGrand Theft Auto OnlineLineage IIWarframePUBGCall of Duty: MobileValorantLords Mobile< /li>PaladinsDestiny 2SMITEGuild Wars 2Blade & SoulRed Dead OnlineWar of the Visions Fall Guys Rainbow Six SiegeNew WorldApex LegendsDOOM EternalSplitgateBattlefield 2042FIFA 22Madden NFL 22< /li>Rainbow Six Extractions

The Disadvantages of Prime Gaming

The main downside to Prime Gaming is that you need to purchase an Amazon Prime subscription to access it, even if you don’t use the rest of its features. This is annoying for some users because, as a standalone subscription service, it can cost less per month.

Also, unlike Twitch Turbo, Prime Gaming doesn’t give you the freedom to advertise on your Twitch channel. Of course, this only matters if you’re actively streaming.

Why Amazon Prime Gaming Is Awesome

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