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What Is Xbox Game Pass? overview

What Is Xbox Game Pass? overview .Xbox Game Pass is a game subscription service for Xbox and Windows 10 that allows members to download and play an extensive library of games for free while they remain subscribed to the service. Think of it like Netflix for Xbox games.

Xbox Game Pass started small but quickly turned into a great offer at a very reasonable price, and it’s an interesting opportunity to get access to a large selection of games on a tight budget.

Let’s take a closer look at what an Xbox Games Pass is, how it works, and how to get the most out of it if you plan to subscribe.

Xbox Game Pass overview – prices and available games

The two most important things to know about Xbox Game Pass are pricing and the available catalog of games for Game Pass subscribers.

What Is Xbox Game Pass?

Excluding any deals, Xbox Game Pass for console costs $ 9.99 per month. Alternatively, you can get an Xbox Game Pass for PC, which costs just $ 4.99 per month. There is a higher-tier subscription, which we’ll talk about later, that integrates both PC and console, but let’s cover the basics first.

The library of games for Xbox Game Pass members is quite extensive. This includes existing Xbox Game Studio games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Gears 5, or upcoming games like Bleeding Edge and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

It should also be clearly stated that this gives you access to download games to your console or PC for playback from your device. It’s not a cloud gaming service like Project xCloud, so your performance should be much better.

All upcoming Xbox Game Studio games, such as Halo Infinite, will be available with Xbox Game Pass on the first day of release. Plus, dozens of third-party games are available on Xbox Game Pass This includes older games like Minecraft and Darksiders 3 and newer games like The Outer Worlds and RAGE 2.

There is no limit or limit to the number of games you can play or how long you can play. As long as you’re an Xbox Game Pass member, you have unlimited access to over a hundred included games.

The game library for Windows 10 PC users will be different, but there are similarities, including the new Xbox Game Studio titles and a catalog of over a hundred games. Xbox Game Pass for PC is definitely among the best game subscription services for Windows 10.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate vs Xbox Game Pass

While the standard price for an Xbox Game Pass subscription is $ 9.99, another pricing tier called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate might be more interesting for you. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $ 44.99 per quarter or $ 14.99 per month.

For an additional $ 5 over the standard Xbox Game Pass, the benefits are worth considering. You get access to both PC and console games with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and an Xbox Live Gold membership is included. Which for comparison costs $ 9.99 a month on its own.

If you’re already paying for Xbox Live Gold, paying for the Ultimate Game Pass tier can actually save you money over the standard Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions separately.

For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, there are other benefits as well. These deals include 1 month of EA Access, 2 months of Discord Nitro, and 6 months of Spotify Premium These benefits are part of a one-time welcome offer.

Xbox Game Pass Deals and Specials

While Xbox Live Gold will remain an option for those who just want to play Xbox games online, Xbox is clearly promoting its new Game Pass subscriptions. So much so that they offer great welcome deals for new Xbox Game Pass members.

If it’s your first time signing up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can get the first three months for just $ 1. After the first three months, there will be a quarterly price of $ 44.99, but you can cancel your subscription anytime before.

There are currently no offers for a standard Xbox Game Pass subscription for consoles, but offers are regularly available if you follow closely. For now, Xbox is pushing people to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

If you only want to play PC games, the Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription currently has a great deal to keep you interested. You can get the first month for $ 1 and subsequent months for just $ 4.99.

Extra Features Xbox Game Pass Members Get

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You won’t only get access to your digital library of games with Xbox Game Pass If you want to purchase a game from the Game Pass catalog permanently, you can save up to 20% on the digital price of the game. Additionally, any digital purchases or add-ons for these games will also be available with up to 10% off the standard price.

If you become a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can also play games with Play Anywhere. For example, you can play Sea of ?? Thieves on your Xbox One and then continue on your PC.

This includes major games like Gears 5, and even original classic Xbox remasters like Voodoo Vince.

What Is Xbox Game Pass? overview

Hopefully this has taught you everything you need to know about Xbox Game Pass and what it offers. If you have additional questions about the new Xbox Game Catalog subscription service, please contact us.

What Is Xbox Game Pass? overview

What Is Xbox Game Pass? overview

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