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What Is PlayStation Plus? A Guide

The days of gaming consoles as stand-alone slot machines are long gone. Every modern console today depends on network connectivity for content and services. Subscriptions make up a large part of the console companies’ business, and PlayStation Plus pioneered this model.

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a PlayStation or already owning one but are considering buying a PlayStation Plus, we have all the information you need to decide if PlayStation Plus is right for you.

PlayStation Plus? A Guide”/>

So, what is PlayStation Plus?

In short, PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that you have to pay for on top of the console and the cost of individual video games. You can subscribe to a monthly, three-month, or annual subscription. The more you pay in advance, the cheaper the service.

PlayStation Plus? A Guide”/>

How much does PlayStation Plus cost?

If you’ve never been a subscriber, you’ll get the first 14 days of PlayStation Plus for free. If you bought a new console, there is a good chance that a free voucher for several months is included in the package, depending on the package you purchased. There are three subscription options:

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