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What is Gamebar.exe how to Safe it ?

What is Gamebar.exe how to Safe it ?.

Windows is the de facto gaming platform. No other operating system has the same breadth of compatibility as Windows, but there is another reason why it beats it. Microsoft recently merged the Xbox gaming platform with Windows 10, allowing users to use the two almost interchangeably.

One way to do this is through the Xbox Game Bar, an overlay that shows users who their online friends are, the time, PC performance information, and more.

What Is Gamebar.exe and Is It Safe?

The system process gamebar.exe is a background process that runs when the Xbox Game Bar is open. It displays a wealth of information for gamers and can be customized to suit the individual needs of each user. It can also show up as GamingServices in the Task Manager.

The Widget option allows you to choose exactly what you want to display. Choose any of these options and it will appear inside the overlay. You can drag and place the widget anywhere on the screen, and it will remain in that position the next time you open the Xbox Game Bar.

Widget options:

There is also a widget store, currently in beta, which allows you to include dozens of other widgets, including options such as a YouTube game overlay and an overlay specifically for Valorant .

Gamebar.exe is safe. It is a legitimate program created and provided by Microsoft that handles the necessary background processes for the Xbox Game Bar to function. In fact, it is the default application on all Windows 10 computers. However, there are some potential risks.

A small number of users reported issues when malware tries to disguise itself as the Xbox Game Bar. While this is unlikely, if you are concerned about the possibility, you should find an antivirus and malware detection program that you trust and run it frequently. You should also be aware of the average CPU usage that gamebar.exe uses.

On average, gamebar.exe consumes almost no processing power. This number may increase slightly if you record footage of gameplay, but in normal day to day use (chatting with friends, playing Spotify, etc.) you should see that it uses no more than 1-2 percent in Task Manager.

How to Disable Gamebar.exe

If the Xbox Game Bar is getting in the way, or if you want to turn it off for any reason (perhaps preventing younger kids from chatting with people online), you can turn it off in a few simple steps.

Go to Settings> Games. This opens up many different options related to playing games on your Windows computer. Click the slider to toggle the Xbox Game Bar from On to Off. On the same screen, you can also change the hotkey to open the Xbox Game Bar. Although the default is Windows + G, you can use any key combination.

After you turn off the Xbox Game Bar, you won’t be able to use it until you turn it back on. To activate the program, return to the same screen and move the slider back to the “On” position.

Do You Need Gamebar.exe?

If you often play on Xbox or PC, then the Xbox Game Bar can be a useful tool that makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, capture incredible gameplay moments, or simply listen to music while playing with just a few keystrokes. …

On the other hand, if you only use your Windows computer for work or web browsing, you really don’t need gamebar.exe. It doesn’t hurt if you leave it enabled, but you can easily disable gamebar.exe in the above way and never think about it again.

There is no way to completely remove the Xbox Game Bar without putting your entire computer at risk as its installation resides in the core data of the operating system.

What is Gamebar.exe how to Safe it ?

What is Gamebar.exe how to Safe it ?

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