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What Is a Chatbot and How To Use One On Your Site

The Internet has modernized our lives and has moved much of what we do to the online world. We communicate, relax, study, watch and shop from the comfort of our home or mobile device.

In this age of technological development, people are looking for fast, simple and convenient digital technologies. How can your sites consistently deliver a positive user experience and meet user expectations? Using ecommerce chatbots on their sites.

Technological advances are having a huge impact on online businesses. They literally change the way people communicate with you and can improve their overall experience on your site. This includes chatbots.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are interactive programs that simulate human conversation. Preset scripts and AI-powered machine learning stimulate communication. When a person asks a chatbot a question, the answer is based on what is available in the knowledge base. If there is no response at the moment, many chatbots will direct the conversation to a human operator.

Chatbots copy models of human interaction. They are programmed using artificial intelligence (AI) so that computers can learn on their own. Over time and with every interaction, chatbots will expand and become more relevant.

People want to be able to find what they are looking for and get their questions answered quickly and easily when browsing the Internet.

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If your website doesn’t offer what the visitor expects, they will lose them. Chatbots provide real-time two-way communication on demand.

How else can chatbots help your website?

Site owners looking to simplify a huge number of user interactions and improve their experience should consider using chatbots. Some of the most popular are:



LivePerson automates messaging across most industries and integrates it into many messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and your website.

Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant

IBM’s Watson Assistant can understand call logs or historical chats, search the knowledge base for answers, answer people who ask for more clarity, recommend tutorials, and contact support representatives directly.



Inbenta is a chatbot that can define the context of every conversation and answer questions accurately. It also offers a dialog manager for creating custom conversation paths and flows.

Bold 360


Used by major brands such as Editable Arrangements and Intuit, Bold360 uses its own proprietary natural language processing technology.

Its conversational AI remembers the context of the conversation, interprets complex discussions, and learns to give accurate answers to questions.

Multiple Channel Support

Today’s internet users want to browse sites on whatever platform they use. 90% of people expect a seamless site experience across multiple devices and channels. This demonstrates the importance of multi-channel website availability.

Whether people are using their iPhones, iPads, or desktops, they want seamless internet access. Implementing an omnichannel chatbot across multiple channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and your website will allow users to interact with their chosen channel. It also allows the site to manage all interactions from a single platform.

People can communicate with a business in a number of ways, each with their own preferences. These include:

Website developers need to create a service that adapts to the preferences of all visitors to their websites. Chatbots do this by integrating all possible means of communication across all platforms.

Reduce bounce rate and exit

Abandoned shopping carts, forms, emails, quizzes, and more are common for website owners. People browse, make choices, start processes – and then leave without making a purchase.

Using chatbots can reduce these bounce rates by:

To stay competitive on the Internet and retain the attention of website users, website owners need to keep up to date with the latest cutting edge technology. Chatbots save time and money for website owners and help them manage their online presence more efficiently.

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