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Visualize the Corona Virus growth in your Country on your iPhone

Visualize the Corona Virus growth in your Country on your iPhone.

The whole world is tracking the coronavirus every second. Apple even went further and created a self-examination tool to diagnose symptoms effectively. I found a Siri shortcut that displays the growth graph of the corona virus for any country and can help you visualize the effects of the corona virus. Let’s see how.

Draw a graph of the Coronavirus using Siri Shortcuts

The shortcut uses an API created by Github user pomber to provide a graph of the current outbreak’s growth over the past 30 days. The data is then plotted on a graph using the third party Charty application.

Install the shortcut to your iPhone or iPad from this link. You also need to have Charty installed on your iPhone for it to work. At the time of this writing, Charty is in beta, but you can subscribe to it and the developer will approve the request within a few hours. I will update the link in the App Store when the app launches.

After installing both of these apps, just tap the shortcut to launch. You will be prompted to select an option. You can draw a chart for confirmed cases, confirmed deaths, and overall recovery. Unfortunately, you cannot draw a chart with multiple parameters.

Using the shortcut, you can create a chart in both real value and in logarithmic equivalent. I have chosen the real value for ease of interpretation. After that, select a region and click Finish. A shortcut can be used to plot a graph for each country affected by the outbreak.

The shortcut will create a chart in the Charty app. You can even save your diagram to the Camera Roll by clicking the Share button.

Charty is still in beta, so naturally there are some bugs in it. For example, the application sometimes crashes when saving an image to Camera Roll. Hopefully the issues will be fixed when the app launches in the App Store. Let me know if you have any problems with this method.

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