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Use YouTube Incognito Mode to Watch Videos Privately on Mobile Devices

YouTube has become an incredible source of video content and an open platform for anyone to share their videos with the world. One of the reasons this is such a service is because Google’s algorithms predict what you want to watch the most and then suggest it to you. Everything you do on YouTube is carefully recorded and learned from experience, but this is not always what you need.

Someone might send you a link to a video that you would not like to see in your story. You may not want this particular video to influence your suggestions.

There are also situations when you use one device in your family or you need to borrow someone else’s phone. Whatever the reason, you’ll be glad to know that YouTube now offers Incognito Mode , similar to Private Browsing modes for Android and iOS apps.

Enroll in an incognito mode in the YouTube app

The instructions for using incognito mode in the YouTube app are the same for both iOS and Android. Of course, you need to be signed in with a YouTube account for this to work. If not, then the issue is rather controversial.

Open the YouTube app from your home screen.

Now click your profile icon and then click Turn Incognito

You will notice that your profile icon has been replaced with this icon.

Always check the presence of this sign that incognito mode is active. When you’re done with private browsing, you need to turn off the mode.

Tap the profile icon, then tap Disable Incognito from the pop-up menu. Youtube now tracks your browsing preferences again.

As you can see, quickly switching between modes is quite simple. So it’s a good idea to get into the habit of thinking about what YouTube should keep about you.

By using Incognito Mode wisely, you can truly customize your experience and avoid intrusive videos that don’t suit your tastes.

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