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Trakt TV Activate Using Firestick

Trakt TV Activate Using Firestick.

If you’re streaming media to multiple apps on your Fire TV Stick, Trakt TV linking will let you keep track of every TV show and movie you watch. It even recommends movies and TV shows based on your watchlist or watch history.

When connected to your streaming apps, Trakt sends push notifications whenever new episodes of your favorite shows are released. Plus, it syncs the content you watch across your devices and streaming platforms to create a unified streaming experience. This guide shows you how to activate Trackt TV in Firestick apps. You will need a Trakt TV account, an internet connection, and a Trakt-compatible app.

Create a Trakt TV Account

Skip to the next section if you already have a Trakt account. Otherwise, follow these steps to create and set up a Trakt account.

Visit the Trakt TV website in any web browser and select “Join Trakt” or “Join Trakt for free” from the main screen.

Provide the information (email address, username, password, etc.) required to create a Trakt account and proceed to the next step.

Trakt will send a confirmation message to your email address. Open your inbox (or spam folder) and open the email from Trakt with the subject “Verify your email address”.

Click the Verify Account button to activate your Trakt TV account.

A new browser tab should appear with the message “Your account has been successfully verified”.

We recommend that you personalize your account before using Trakt on your Fire TV Stick. Enter your Trakt account credentials (username and password) and log in.

Select the welcome wizard below “Your account is ready to use!” title.

Enter your preferred display name, your location, and your date of birth, then click “Next Step” to continue.

Select your country and the streaming services you use. To continue, select “Next Step”.

Select your favorite genres for movies and TV shows and click Next Step.

Select the movies/shows you’ve watched and the items you have – digital or on disc. You can also add content to your watchlist (such as shows you want to watch). To continue, select “Next Step”.

Connect social media platforms to your Trakt profile – if you wish – and select Next Step.

Trakt can send push notifications when someone follows you, replies to your comment, or likes your list. Select your preferred channel (Slack, Pushbullet, Pushover, etc.) if you’d like to receive push notifications for these activities. Otherwise, don’t select anything and select “Go to Dashboard”.

Activate Trakt TV on Fire TV Stick

The way you link and activate Trakt TV on your Fire TV Stick depends on the app you link to your Trakt account. This guide shows you how to activate and set up Trakt TV in two applications – Cinema HD and Kodi.

Activate Track TV in Cinema HD

Cinema HD is one of the best apps to stream and download movies (free) to Fire TV Stick and other Fire TV devices. Even though it is a free app, it does not display ads or annoying pop-ups while streaming or downloading movies. Cinema HD allows you to link your Trakt account to easily keep track of the content you’re streaming.

If you’re using the Cinema HD app on an Amazon Firestick, here’s how to link and activate Trakt TV within the app.

Open Cinema HD, select the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner and select “Settings”.

Select Account.

Scroll to the “Trakt” section and select “Login to Trakt TV”.

Cinema HD will display instructions for linking your Trakt account, as well as an 8-digit code. Do not close the page/instructions and proceed to the next step.

Open a web browser and go to the Trakt TV activation page – https://trakt.tv/activate. Sign in to Trakt if the web browser is not associated with your account.Enter the activation code displayed in the Cinema HD app on your TV and click Continue.

Select “Yes” in the confirmation prompt to confirm the app’s access to your Trakt account on the Fire TV Stick.

This will enable Trakt TV integration with the Cinema HD app.

Install and activate Trakt TV on Kodi

Kodi is another app that provides free content on Fire TV devices. Here’s how to activate and use the Trakt TV add-on for Kodi on your Fire TV Stick.

From the main menu, select the search icon in the upper left corner.

Select add-ons to search.

Type trakt.tv in the search bar and select OK.

Select Scenario – Path.

Select Install.

Wait while the app installs Trakt TV from the Kodi addon repository. Pay attention to the warning “Add-ons are included” in the upper right corner of the application.

Wait another 5-10 seconds and Trakt should display an authentication page with an activation code and a QR code.

Scan the QR code with your smartphone camera or continue to the next step to enter the code manually on the Trakt TV website.

Go to the Trakt TV activation page in a web browser and sign in to your Trakt account. Enter your activation code to authorize Trakt in the Kodi app if you’re already signed in. Click “Continue” to continue.

Select Yes at the confirmation prompt to connect the Trakt add-on to your account.

Note: The Trakt plugin may sometimes fail to display the activation page after installation. If you skipped the activation step, follow the steps below to get your activation code again.

Open the Kodi Settings menu, select Add-ons > My Add-ons > All > Trakt and select Customize.

On the General tab, select “How do I allow the trakt add-on to access my trakt.tv account?”.

Wait for the add-on to load the account authorization page and enter the code on the Trakt TV website – see step #6.

Check Apps Linked to Trakt

As mentioned earlier, Trakt supports several streaming and media apps on Fire TV devices. Here’s how to view and disable apps or media centers associated with your Trakt account:

Log in to your Trakt account in a web browser, tap your profile icon and select Settings.

Go to the Connected Apps section to view all apps that are allowed to access your Trakt account.

Find the app or streaming service you no longer use and select Revoke Access to unlink the app.

Trakt TV + Fire TV Stick

Trakt TV is free, but the (free) standard version will display ads and pop-ups from time to time. The Trakt VIP plan ($30) gives you access to features such as advanced filtering, Plex Scrobbler, Amazon Alexa integration, and more. To learn more about platform features, pricing, and VIP features, visit the web FAQ page -Trakt website.

Trakt TV Activate Using Firestick

Trakt TV Activate Using Firestick

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