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Top 9 Samsung Gear S3 Apps To Improve Your Health

Staying healthy isn’t easy, but if you have a smartwatch, you have an edge. Smartwatches allow you to track almost everything to do with your health with apps and sensors built into the watch.

If you happen to buy the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch that we reviewed earlier, then there are some great health apps you might want to check out. To add health apps to Samsung Gear S3, you need to install Galaxy Wearable app on Android or iPhone.

There is nothing to choose from, but the ones that are in stock are quite good. Below are 9 Samsung Gear S3 apps to help you improve your health.

Samsung Health: Public Health Tracking

Of all the Gear S3 health apps, Samsung Health is by far one of the most versatile and useful.

It integrates well with important sensors like heart rate monitor and accelerometer. The main display provides an overview of the most important health metrics such as calories burned and your activity level throughout the day.

You can scroll down the menu to see more details and choose something to track. Here are some examples:

Each activity tracking screen is customizable for action. For example, when choosing a strength workout, you can choose from a long list of machines. You can enter weight and reps in your workout log.

The companion Samsung Health app that you install on your phone keeps track of everything. You can view your heart rate history, food and drink consumption, sleep quality, and more.

Download the app from Google Play or Apple Store.

There are very few health tracking apps that outperform Samsung Health. But if you’re against using Samsung’s own app, there are more options below.

MapMyRun: Run and Time Paths

If you are an avid runner or even new to running, MapMyRun is a godsend. Installing the app on Samsung Gear S3 makes it easy to register the launch at any time.

Thanks to the GPS in your smartwatch, you can leave your phone in the car while you run. The Gear will track and display distance, duration, calories and continuously display your current heart rate.

After you return to your phone, the workout is synced and recorded by the MapMyRun app on your phone.

The MapMyRun app on your phone keeps a log of every run or walk you track with your Samsung Gear S3. Tap a log entry to view a page showing the route on the map, elevation gain, distance, and time.

You will have to deal with ads, but they are not too intrusive.

You can download the MapMyRun app from Google Play or Apple Store.

Run4Gear: Running, Hiking or Racing track

If you don’t want to install an activity tracking application on your phone, Run4Gear is for you. This Gear S3 app lets you track activities such as running, hiking or cycling.

The app tracks your heart rate, speed, altitude, distance and time. Everything is displayed on the main screen and you can click on each number to switch between data points.

All data and analysis are always at hand. You can browse the logs to see your performance analysis, statistics and training graphs.

You don’t get hung up on data storage on the watch. The app offers export to third party apps like Strava, Dropbox, Fitnesssyncer, Runalyze, and email.

Strava: Watch for running, walking, or riding

Strava is one of the most fully featured activity tracking apps for the Gear S3. The tracking features that you can choose from the home screen include activities such as running, cycling, hiking, cycling, and even skiing.

Activity recording will stop automatically when you pause your workout. Strava sends all of your activity data to the Strava app on your phone.

This is where Strava is different. The app is community oriented, so you’ll find tons of challenges to get involved with with people from your area.

In the app, you can see all your statistics of past actions. Set weekly goals and view your routes in each activity log. Tap the menu to explore the task menu in your area.

Download Strava for Android from Google Play or for your iOS device from the Apple Store.

Speedometer: Monitor and optimize your speed

One thing that can be very helpful when you are running or cycling is knowing your speed. This will help you maintain a steady pace and increase your endurance.

The Gear S3 app is very simple. Just tap the screen to start tracking your current speed. This is especially useful for the Samsung Gear S3 watch when you’re cycling because you don’t have to worry about pulling out your phone to find out your current speed. Just take a look at your wrist.

Swipe left to view your past speedometer logs. You will see the date, the maximum and average speed of your activity, and the total distance.

Eat slowly and slowly: Learn mindful eating habits

Slow eating will improve your digestion, provide higher levels of hydration, and lead to easier weight loss as your brain has time to lock in satiety. However, it is not easy to develop the habit of eating slowly. This is why the Eat Slowly & Healthy Gear S3 app is useful.

Just scroll to the image of the food with the number of calories, which usually corresponds to the food you eat. Then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

When you’re ready to start eating, just click Start. While you are eating, your watch will vibrate after 15 seconds. This will tell you when to take your next bite.

Considering the fact that people usually put food in their mouths every 3-4 seconds, this app will help you calculate meal time without tracking time.

When you’re done eating, you’ll see a summary including the number of bites, elapsed time, and the approximate total calories in your meal.

Sitemap: Record Running Tracks

Locus Map is a decent running tracker, but not as reliable as the others listed earlier in this article.

This is a good alternative if the previous options don’t work for you, but keep in mind that some users have reported the Gear S3 app crashing on their watches. We did not see this when testing the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

The application is simple. Just select an activity and press the green arrow to start recording.

The activity screen includes elapsed time and distance (although you can adjust this to show speed instead in the app’s options menu).

Any activity recorded by the Gear S3 app on your watch will be recorded in the companion Locus Map app on your phone.

The app records data such as distance, time, altitude and pace for each workout. It also includes tracks of your workout on a map.

You can download the free Locus Map app on Google Play The app is not available for iOS users.

EyeRestminder: Protect your eyes from stress

People often forget that they need to take care of their eye health as well. These days, with so many screens in front of our faces, our eyes are under great strain.

An important way to protect your eyes is to regularly take a break from these screens. This is where the EyeRestminder Gear S3 app can help.

The app is simple but useful. You simply scroll down to the session time you want to use and click the check mark at the bottom of the display.

EyeRestminder will vibrate your watch when your work session is over and it’s time to rest your eyes. Take a walk or just sit for a few minutes and close your eyes.

EyeRestminder helps you avoid long and painful sessions in front of a computer screen, which can strain and damage your eyes.

There are also many great mobile apps for reducing eye fatigue.

LapsClicker: Lap Stop

Track running is a good way to start your workout if you live in an area where the track is your only exit. The only problem with track running is that it is not always easy to keep track of how many laps you have driven.

Your mind can wander and you end up losing count.

This will not happen if you install LapsClicker on your Samsung Gear S3. This app allows you to tap the big green plus idle on the track each time to keep track of your total laps.

You can enable recording to record your exercise by recording the days you exercised and the distance in the laps.

This is a simple yet very useful Gear S3 app.

Use Samsung Gear S3 Apps for Health

Smartwatches are great for many things, but one of the most common is a healthier lifestyle. The apps listed above will help you eat better, protect your eyes, track your health stats, and keep a log of all your exercise.

If you own a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, take advantage of all these apps to improve your health. And don’t forget that there are tons of great health apps just for your smartphone.

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