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Top 10 Trello Tips to Power Up Your Productivity

Are you a visual learner looking for a powerful project management tool? Look no further than Trello. Trello is easy to use, intuitive, collaborative, and visual. It pairs well with similar apps and lets you prioritize and organize projects using boards, cards, and lists. Users can add attachments, comments, checklists, and due dates for projects and tasks.

Some of the ingenious strategies for getting the most out of Trello include:

Create Cards from Sheets

If you’ve used spreadsheets before to organize and track your projects, it’s easy to switch to Trello. There is no need to start from scratch.

As you move from list to spreadsheet, you will need to create a separate card for each item.

Create Workflow

A workflow is the process of completing project tasks from start to finish.

You may not be aware that you are using workflows in your day-to-day life whenever a process is required to do something.

For example, consider planning a Thanksgiving dinner for your large family. If you divide everything you need to get done into tasks, you will realize that if you skip a step, there will be nothing in your dinner.

These tasks are part of your workflow.

Below are a few examples of workflows that you can use to increase the productivity of your business.

Tasks, Verbs, Done

It’s a simple workflow that keeps track of what you need to do, what you are currently working on, and what has been accomplished.

Using a workflow like this makes it much easier to track a project that has multiple tasks. A visual board is easier to follow than a list on paper or in your head.

You can even add a list of tasks that don’t need to be done right away to keep track of and remember.

Use workflows to:

Workflows keep everything in one place and are available to everyone who is ultimately responsible for getting work done correctly and on time.

You can further increase your productivity by connecting the CHANTY team chat so that when a certain activity occurs in Trello, your entire team can also receive notifications. These notifications may include when:

Use Labels Effectively

Using tags in Trello adds a layer of color and visual data to the cards on the board. If you don’t use them, then you are not using the Trello system as efficiently as possible.

Use shortcuts to:

Give each shortcut a name

It is useful to give each label a name for easier identification. When you click on a card, anyone with access to the board can see what each color represents.

However, it would be much easier to see the label names in the control bar without hovering over it. It’s easy to fix.

Click any shortcut in the whiteboard view and the name appears for all shortcuts.

Apply or remove shortcuts for the map

There are several ways to change the label on a card, including:

Another shortcut has to do with the order in which the labels appear in the menu. The first position is 1, the second is 2, and so on along the line of labels.

The quickest way to add or remove a mark on a board is to hover your mouse over the card and click the numeric key on the keyword corresponding to the position of the mark on the menu.

Sort cards in list

If you want to be able to view the tasks that need to be completed first, or those that may have failed validation, you can sort the cards in the list. You can sort by specific criteria such as due date and creation date.

Keep in mind that the only options available are the criteria used for cards. For example, if you don’t have a due date on any of your cards, you can’t use it to sort.

Add new cards anywhere in your list

There is no need to worry if you want to add a card to the beginning of a long list. It does not need to be dragged from the bottom to the top.

Instead, you can double-click between two cards in any list to add a new one. Or you can add a map at the bottom and use the Move option to reposition it.

Convert emails to Trello Cards

One of the many benefits of using Trello for project management and collaboration is getting rid of numerous daily emails from team members or clients.

For example, instead of copying from Gmail to Trello Tasks, you can turn emails into cards right from your email or Gmail inbox.

Having learned the unique e-mail address of the forum, you can forward any letter to it. Trello will automatically create a card from the content of the email.

Another tip that you may not have known about is that cards also have their own unique email address. You can forward any email to this address, where it will be automatically converted into a comment on the card.

This is especially useful if your team members send a lot of feedback via email.

Keyboard Shortcuts

As we showed with shortcuts above, using keyboard shortcuts can reduce the time you spend and improve your Trello experience.

There are many shortcuts available to save you time, for example:

For a complete list, see Trello Keyboard Shortcuts: Infographic Cheat Sheet.

Highlight the panels you access often

If you work with many teams and have multiple boards, it can be difficult to find the ones you use the most.

It’s easy to fix. Just go to the board and click the star button. This will add the board to the Marked Boards section under the Boards section (top left corner).

The boards you choose to include as asterisks will appear at the top, which can be a very long list of boards.

Plug Cards

When working with Trello, there may be situations where you want to establish a connection between one or more cards on one board, or even a card from another board.

When you select a board or card under the attachments area, you will see a snapshot of the attached card, including:

If you click on the image, Trello will take you directly to another card.

Establish a connection between cards

Drag and Drop

Trello’s drag and drop feature makes it very easy to move items around the board. Move the card by clicking on it and dragging it up or down in the same list or another list.

Lists can be moved to a different location on the board in the same way by clicking and dragging.

If you haven’t tried Trello yet, you have no idea what you’re missing. It is a very powerful and intuitive project and task management tool.

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