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Top 10 gifts for book lovers

10 Perfect Tech Gifts for Book Lovers.

There was a popular belief that computers and multimedia would make people read less. It turns out that thanks to modern technology, people are reading more than ever! If you have a book lover with friends or family, one of the following tech gifts might work for them.

1. Kindle Paperwhite – $110

Most people enjoy reading e-books on a tablet or smartphone, but there are many reasons to use a dedicated e-ink device instead.

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The latest version of the Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift choice. The Paperwhite is priced at $ 110 and is in impulse buying territory but has solid specs. It's thin, lightweight and waterproof. It supports Audible audiobooks and Bluetooth headsets and has built-in lighting. Its 300ppi Paperwhite screen is one of the best on the market. Although Amazon sells more expensive e-books, it's hard to think of a reason to spend more when the Paperwhite is such a complete and mature device.

2. Glocusent Mini Clip-on Reading Light – $18.99

This clip-on light is a useful gift for the voracious reader, whether you are reading a paper book or using an e-book without light. Glocusent stands out for the following features.

You can use it as a free-standing lamp, as the base can act as a clamp or a stand. The battery is rechargeable, so you don't have to dig for AA batteries halfway. It also has three different color temperatures, five brightness levels, and plenty of runtime for you to take a short vacation on a single charge.

3. An Audible Gift Membership – $7.95 to $229.50

Audiobooks are a great way to find interesting literature while playing sports, doing errands, or “resting your eyes” on the couch.

Audible is the market leader in audiobooks. Membership gives you access to an extensive library of audiobooks. Every month you get one credit to buy any book in the library, which you can keep even if you end your subscription. For example, if you give someone an annual subscription for $ 149.50, they get 12 books of their choice and the chance to listen to thousands more.

4. Amazon Kindle Gift Cards

The Amazon Kindle store is a popular destination for e-book lovers. You can read these books on most devices, so it's best to give your book lover a Kindle gift card. These cards do not need to be used to buy books as they are regular Amazon cards with Kindle graphics.

5. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) – $175

If you love listening to audiobooks or enjoy listening to music on your device while flipping through a book, a good set of wireless headphones can prove to be very helpful. While there are tons of options on the market, Apple's AirPods are the most popular, and for good reason.

You can use them with any Bluetooth-enabled device, but they work best with an iOS device, as with Apple devices, the latency is slightly lower, but this is hardly relevant for music or audiobooks. If AirPods aren't quite the right fit for your gift recipient, check out 10 Apple AirPods Alternatives to find your perfect one.

6. C-Pen Reader – $275

People may not read because of a disorder such as dyslexia. The C-Pen reader (and other similar devices) can access standard printed materials for those with reading problems.

Slide the stylus across a line of text and the synthesized voice reads it aloud. No external connections are required to operate. The price of this reading pen is reasonable, as the more advanced versions run in the thousands of dollars if you're looking for something more comprehensive or advanced.

7. The 2021 iPad Mini – From $499

While tablets require a daily recharge, compared to once a few weeks for e-ink devices, tablets are still the best all-around reading option. This is especially true if you want to read magazines, comics, and other colored material.

For many, the typical 10-inch tablet is too large to read or carry, but Apple's iPad Mini balances size and comfort perfectly. It has a bezel-less screen and offers impressive performance. It is also one of the most affordable tablets on the market, but its specs and build quality are the highest.

8. Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer – $10

The Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark is a practical gift for young readers looking to improve their reading skills. This is an easy way to help kids keep track of how much they read, up to a maximum of 100 hours. It's a simple and inexpensive device, but it can be a great tool for young readers and a great stocking assistant.

9. Benicci Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $19.97

Many mid-range and high-end smartphones and tablets have built-in blue light suppression. It is believed that it is this component of the computer display backlight that is most responsible for eye fatigue. If you know someone who spends a lot of time staring at a screen that doesn't provide this type of protection, then a pair of blue light blocking goggles may be just what they need. It is a perfect gift for book lovers who read a lot of e-books.

10. Book-style Tablet Cases

Our final gift for book lovers is not a specific product, but a whole category. Depending on the device, there is a good chance you will find a book-style cover for it. This is the cover that makes the device look like a traditional book from the outside until you open it. Maybe this is just an admission that there is something magical about hacking a physical book, and this is a small way to keep some of that magic.

Two good examples are the Vintage Brown Book Case for the iPad Mini 5 and the ZtotopCase PU Leather Case for the Galaxy Tab A7.

With so many cool tech gifts to choose from, any book-loving family and friends will be delighted to receive one of the gadgets on our list above. If you have some great gift ideas of your own, don't forget to share them in the comments below.

10 Perfect Tech Gifts for Book Lovers

10 Perfect Tech Gifts for Book Lovers

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