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The Easiest Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

The Raspberry Pi are tiny computers that can be used to program projects from games to smart home trackers. They are affordable, portable and easy to use. There are several important things you can do by learning how to control and program your Raspberry Pi.

Not sure which Raspberry Pi project to take first? Below are a few easy beginner Raspberry Pi projects to get you started.

Create a Photo Booth with Raspberry Pi

Everyone loves to play in phone booths at weddings and parties. If you’re throwing a party, you might not want to risk using your camera or computer. Fortunately, with this Raspberry Pi project, you can create your own touchscreen photo booth that can connect to the internet.

Program it to automatically upload images to Google Photos, or email them to share with others. The process of creating a photo booth begins by setting up the Pi using the software and then connecting all the hardware. You can use a wireless or wired keyboard.

For those building a Raspberry Pi project for the first time, download the latest version of Raspbien (the official Raspberry Pi Linux operating system).

A YouTube video explains in detail the next steps required to create your own Raspberry Pi photo booth.

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Use Raspberry Pi to create an alarm that speaks to you

What if you could replace your boring alarm clock with one that speaks to you in a cool voice? You can do this with this Raspberry Pi project.

All you need is the following materials:

A YouTube video explains in detail how to set up a talking alarm. You will need a Raspberry Pi with an operating system and internet connectivity.

If you don’t have the requirements listed above, read Getting Started with Your Raspberry Pi to learn more. You will also need to access your Pi through a terminal or other application.

Use a Raspberry Pi to control LED lights

A very simple Raspberry Pi project is controlling LED lighting. It involves creating a simple LED circuit from the following materials:

When you’re done with the setup, following the detailed instructions in this YouTube video, you will be able to manipulate the circuit using Python.

Create a wearable camera with a Raspberry Pi

Instead of holding your camera to capture timeless photos or beautiful landscapes, create a battery-powered and Pi-powered wearable camera. It is small enough to slip on a lace and carry it around your neck.

For this Raspberry Pi project, you will need the following materials:

Once you create your camera and follow the directions in the video, you can customize how often it takes pictures.

The battery lasts for about two hours and can be charged.

Use Raspberry Pi to create an internet radio

Make it easy to stream music from Pandora, Spotify and Google Music, or podcasts from your Raspberry Pi. Create a touchscreen jukebox that anyone can use.

For this Raspberry Pi project, you will need the following materials:

When you complete your project, you will have a small touchscreen jukebox.

Play, manage and select the songs you want to listen to from your music library on another computer, then play them back on your stereo.

Use it for parties or share with others who want to listen to your playlist without access to your computer or Wi-Fi password.

Create your own weather station using Raspberry Pi

While it’s easy to navigate to the weather channel, building your own weather station is a popular Raspberry Pi project.

Get accurate monitoring of weather conditions such as temperature, wind direction and humidity.

To learn how to build your own Raspberry Pi weather station, read: Complete Raspberry Pi Weather Station with DIY Software.

Create a wireless printer with a Raspberry Pi

Most people have or want to use a wireless printer because it is more convenient than a wired one. They are available even to the majority. However, why not give your old USB printer wireless capabilities?

Use a Raspberry Pi to make your old printer wireless. You will need to use a Pi model with built-in Wi-Fi.

If you don’t, you can purchase a Wi-Fi dongle for $ 10. The process is simple:

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