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The best smart security camera of 2023

The best smart security camera of 2023.

A smart security camera can alert you to movement, trigger smart home procedures, and in some cases even contact the authorities when suspicious activity is detected. As people spend more time at home than ever before (and online shopping is more common than ever before), the demand for smart security cameras is growing.

These home security cameras can help protect your online purchases and give you a 24/7 view of what’s going on around your home. If you’re looking for a smart CCTV camera this holiday season that keeps your property safe without breaking money, consider some of these options.

Keep in mind that many of these cameras will also be on sale during Black Friday.

EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera — $130

The EZVIZ C3X is an IP67 weatherproof outdoor home security camera that allows it to be placed almost anywhere outside (or inside) your home. It also has an interesting feature that sets it apart: color night vision. When there is ambient light, it will display near full color night vision.

In addition to color night vision, the EZVIZ C3X captures and streams video in 1080p resolution. Two-way audio allows you to talk to anyone near the camera, perfect for telling the delivery driver where to leave a package or for alerting someone that they are plotting badly. The camera can distinguish between people and cars.

You can even set the camera to automatically play a customizable voice alert. For example, if he finds a car on your territory, you can tell him: “Private property. No Parking. “Color night vision means you can see more detail even on the darkest nights.

At $ 130, the EZVIZ C3X is a great solution to the many features it includes.

Blink Mini — $35

Blink Mini is a great budget option for indoor home security. This 1080p camera has a 110-degree field of view. While not that wide, it is more than enough to keep track of your home entrance or private room. With up to 30 frames per second, you’ll have a clear view of any activity in your home

Blink Mini will send you notifications when motion is detected. Two-way audio allows your pets to get off the furniture as they (inevitably) hop onto the couch while you’re away. You can also customize individual detection zones to minimize false positives.

At just $ 35, the Blink Mini is a great option for those looking for home security on a budget. While it lacks advanced features like people detection, its low price tag makes it a great starting point for your first smart home security camera. It can also be purchased as additional coverage for a specific room, such as a home office.

YI Home Camera 2-Pack — $50

Yi Home Camera is an incredibly affordable product with tons of smart features. Yi Home Camera not only offers additional 24/7 emergency service, but also has intelligent people detection, abnormal sound, and can even specifically listen to the sound of a crying baby.

Yi’s home camera captures video and streams footage at 1080p, but the downside is that its frame rate is limited to 20 frames per second. However, it has two-way audio and special listening algorithms for capturing sounds. For example, he may listen for the sound of a fire alarm or a window breaking. New parents can also use the Yi Home Camera as a baby monitor as it can hear the cry of a baby.

One of the notable features is Yi Smart Cloud Search. Searching through a large number of cloud videos can be difficult, but Yi makes it easy to find important moments and save them for posterity.

Yi Home Camera integrates with Noonlight to provide a subscription service that provides 24/7 emergency support. This requires an additional charge of $ 4.99 per month or $ 49.99 per year on top of the cost of a home security camera. On the other hand, at $ 50 for a set of two (or $ 26 for a single camera), it’s hard to go wrong with the Yi Home Cameras.

Ring Indoor Cam — $60

If you are already using ring devices and want everything connected with one app, Ring Indoor Cam is a great option. This compact home security camera is easy to shelve and will likely go unnoticed at first glance. It has 1080p video and two-way audio, as well as real-time notifications.

The small size and low price make the Ring Indoor Cam a great option for covering the entire home. Just place one in each room (or in front of each main entrance) and you can keep track of everything that happens in the house. While the Ring Indoor Cam does not have a built-in siren or many smart features, its more focused capabilities make it reliable from a security standpoint.

Ring Protection Plan is an optional plan that allows you to store videos and photos in the cloud. The service costs $ 3 per month for a device or $ 10 per month for a family. If you have four or more ring chambers, you will need a $ 10 data plan – this is a more economical option.

As an added bonus, Ring Indoor Cam works with Alexa. If the camera detects movement, Alexa will light up and announce. You can also display the live stream on an Alexa smart display like Echo Show.

What to look for in a home security camera

If this is your first time buying a CCTV camera, there are several features you should pay attention to. The first is high resolution. With the options available today, you don’t have to settle for less than 1080p.

The second thing to watch out for is live broadcasts. No camera should only take and store footage. You should be able to watch the live stream at any time by opening the app.

The third and final feature is motion detection. While a camera can help you communicate details to the authorities after the theft, it is much better if you can act while the crime is ongoing. Motion detection will alert you as soon as anything suspicious is detected.

There are many other options you can look for when purchasing a smart security camera, but these three characteristics are the most important.

The best smart security camera of 2020

The best smart security camera of 2020

The best smart security camera of 2020

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