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The Best Apps For Mac in 2020

The Best Apps For Mac in 2020.

While your Mac definitely has some great pre-installed tools to help you with your tasks, you can further enhance your computer’s capabilities by adding new applications to it.

There are thousands of apps in the Mac App Store, and choosing the best Mac apps is not easy. You don’t want to end up with an application that doesn’t do what it claims.

Luckily, here we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Mac apps to help you narrow down your choices. These apps have proven to work and are regularly used by a number of users.


Best Tool App for Mac


A common habit with most computers is that they fall asleep if you leave them idle for a while, and your Mac is no exception. Caffeine is a menu bar application that prevents your Mac from going to sleep. It can be enabled / disabled with one click.

Lightshot Screenshot

While your Mac comes with built-in screen capture features, they aren’t as customizable as Lightshot. It allows you to quickly take screenshots of specific areas, edit them after they have been taken, and publish them online with one click.

It is also available as a browser extension.

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HiddenMe Free

Often when you are taking screenshots or trying to hide something from prying eyes, you may need to hide all the icons on the desktop. HiddenMe Free does it for you with the click of a button. Then you can restore the icons by clicking again on the menu bar.


The Mac apps uninstall feature is quick and easy, but unfortunately does not delete all of the app’s files. AppCleaner helps you uninstall Mac apps along with all the files associated with your apps. There will be no files left in this application. It searches for and helps to delete these files in a few clicks.

Android File Transfer

No app is required to transfer files between iOS device and Mac, but it’s different with an Android phone. Android File Transfer allows you to transfer files between your Android device and Mac. It allows you to mount your device as storage on a Mac.


Best FTP Apps for Mac


FileZilla has been around for a long time and allows you to easily and quickly connect to any FTP server (secure or not) from your Mac. You can also remember your server’s credentials so that it can automatically reconnect next time. It supports drag and drop, making uploading and downloading files much easier.


Cyberduck is an FTP and SFTP client, but it also offers several additional features. It allows you to connect to cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, as well as many others to upload and download files. It also integrates with Finder to make it easier for you to complete file transfer tasks.


Best Torrent Downloaders for Mac


Bittorrent should sound familiar to you if you’ve ever downloaded a torrent to any of your devices. It allows you to download multiple torrents at the same time, offers download options and shuts down your machine when you download a torrent. It can also be accessed remotely to add new torrents from afar.


Transmission is another torrent manager that allows you to download torrents, maintains magnet links, and lets you manage them from anywhere on the Internet. This application is open source and cannot be installed on a Mac bundled with other applications.


Deluge offers all the standard torrent download features as well as expandability. You can add additional functionality to it in the form of plugins available on the application website. It supports full encryption, web interface and proxy. It also supports multiple users.

WebTorrent Desktop

If you’re like us, you probably hate waiting for your torrents to finish downloading so you can watch them. WebTorrent Desktop allows you to stream media from torrents even if they haven’t been fully downloaded to your Mac. It starts streaming as soon as the torrent is added to the list.

Free Download Manager

Best Download Manager Software for Mac

Free Download Manager

If you often download files from the Internet, it would be nice to have an application like Free Download Manager. It allows for faster downloads and also offers the ability to manage files as they are downloaded.

The list of downloaded files will look much better with this application.


JDownloader is a custom theme-enabled downloader that allows you to download files with multiple connections, automatically extract archives as you download them, and helps you set bandwidth limits for your downloads.

You can further expand its capabilities by adding new modules from its website. It is currently available in several languages.

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager not only allows you to download files in the usual way, but also save streaming videos to Mac. It helps speed up loading times and works with all popular browsers. It also supports scheduled downloads.


Best PDF Readers for Mac


The preview does not need to be downloaded as it comes with your Mac. Most users think of it as an image viewer, but it also helps you view PDF files on your Mac. It even lets you sign your PDFs and edit them to some extent.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is another application that allows you to access PDF files as well as print them on your Mac. This makes it easy to open and switch between multiple PDFs by keeping a stack of open files in the sidebar. It will also help you search in your PDFs.

Adobe Reader

You’ve probably come across forms that require filling out using PDF software. Adobe Reader allows you to view PDF files and also helps you fill out PDF forms. It can also search for the text you want in your PDFs. You can also use it to sign your PDFs.


Skim allows you to view PDF files and create notes based on these files. It also allows you to highlight certain elements in your files for easier later use. It also has standard features including bookmarks, search, internal link preview, and more.


Best Compression App for Mac


The Unarchiver is the only application you will ever need to manage almost any archive format on your Mac. It allows you to extract files from dozens of archive formats, supports foreign characters and integrates easily with the macOS kernel. In the latest version, it supports dark mode.


With the Extractor app, all you have to do is drag and drop your archive onto the app icon in the Dock and your files will be decompressed. It supports password protected archives, can unpack multiple files at the same time, and lets you know when all your files are out of the archive.

QuickTime Player

Best Media Players for Mac

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is one of the built-in applications that allows you to play various multimedia files on your Mac. You can use it to play your MP4 videos, MP3 audio files, and also supports a number of other file formats. It can even be used for screen recording.

VLC Player

There is hardly any media format that VLC Player cannot play. It is an open source application that allows you to play almost any media format available on your Mac. It also has features such as subtitles, audio and video filters. The great thing is that it has no ads.


5KPlayer is a media player but with advanced features. It allows you to play videos in 4K and 360 degrees. It supports a wide variety of file formats, so it covers most of the standard ones. It also supports AirPlay and DLNA for streaming content from your devices. You can also use it as a YouTube downloader.


What sets MPlayerX apart from other applications is its clean and simple interface. If all you need is media viewing, this app is perfect for you. It plays videos from Internet sites, automatically detects episodes in the series, and can be controlled with the Apple Remote.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Best Remote Desktop App for Mac

Chrome Remote Desktop

Whether Google Chrome is your primary browser or not, you will definitely want to use Chrome Remote Desktop to connect to computers remotely. It allows you to easily provide and receive screen sharing support and helps you manage your computers when you are not at home. It’s in the Chrome browser and can be accessed.


TeamViewer has long allowed people to share their screens and provide technical support remotely. You can use it on your Mac to access someone else’s computer using their ID and password. You can also let others use your Mac with the same application.


Best Office Suite for Mac


iWork is Apple’s proprietary office suite that comes bundled with all Macs. It includes Pages for creating documents, Numbers for creating spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations. It also has its own file format. This allows you to store your iWork documents in iCloud for easy access.

Google Docs

If most of your office work requires collaborating on your documents, Google Docs is the perfect office suite for you. It allows you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can share these files with your colleagues with special privileges and work on them together.


LibreOffice has an ever-growing list of features as it is supported by the open source community. It comes with Writer for creating Word-style documents, Calc for creating spreadsheets, and Impress for designing presentations. It also has tools to create charts and databases on your Mac.


Best Video Editing Software for Mac


iMovie is Apple’s own video editor that lets you edit pre-recorded videos on Mac and iOS devices. If you’re not really into editing, the trailer feature should allow you to quickly create basic videos on your computer.

It also supports 4K video in your editing projects.


OpenShot is the perfect choice for those of you looking for a simple yet powerful video editor. It has no complicated menus, is easy to use, and there is nothing in it to intimidate the editing people. It has all the standard video editing options.


Shotcut is a video editor that requires little training and you can get started right away. It has several keyboard shortcuts to quickly cut, crop, apply filters, and add special effects to your videos. It supports a wide variety of file formats.


Best Audio Editing Software for Mac


GarageBand is more of an audio creation tool, but you can also use it to edit audio files. You can even use your physical instruments with the app to quickly record music and then start editing it in the same app. It is essentially a complete audio studio app.


Audacity is a simple yet powerful audio editor that lets you record music as well as edit it in a multi-layered setting. You can start using it without any previous editing experience and it will just do the job for you. It is mainly used to remove noise from audio files.


If you want to edit large audio files on your Mac, Oceanaudio might be a good choice for you. It provides an instant preview of your effects, offers a fully functional spectrogram, and supports VST plugins for additional functionality.


We’ll be updating this list as the best Mac apps come and go. So bookmark this page and check back often.

The Best Apps For Mac in 2020

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