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The Best Apple Watch Faces for Health and Fitness 2022

The Best Apple Watch Faces for Health and Fitness 2022.

The Apple Watch is one of the most advanced wearable technologies on the market. It can track everything from your heart rate to the number of calories you burn during a particular workout. If you want to get in shape and shed those extra pounds, finding the right Apple Watch face is essential.

You can customize the Apple Watch face to suit your preferences. While not every watch face is customizable, you can often change extensions (Apple Watch’s on-screen “widgets”) to suit your needs. You can display a variety of information, from heart rate to activity rings. Below are the best watch faces for health and fitness.

The Best Apple Watch Faces For Health and Fitness

Multiple built-in and third-party Apple Watch faces for health and fitness.

Modular Duo

Modular Duo is one of the new watch faces included with watchOS 7. It allows for up to three extensions and multiple color options for maximum contrast – perfect for viewing on the go.


Count Up is a watch face designed for runners. It has an easily accessible stopwatch function built into the face itself. It also has four different difficulties that you can customize as you wish. You can also change the color of the central ring to make it more visible even in bright sunlight.


When it comes to customization, Infographics is one of the best faces out there. It can support up to eight different settings, four in each corner and four in the middle. You can add shortcuts to frequently used apps or display relevant information such as steps or heart rate.

Modular Compact

The Modular Compact is an information dial with six expansion points. You can change the bottom three complications to quick contact points. It can easily display heart rate, activity rings in a simplified way, and even commute data or a map for your run.

Activity Digital

Activity Digital is one of the default watches faces that you can choose from right out of the box. It’s customizable, but it’s set up by default to be perfect for workouts. It displays the time, calories burned, a number of flights of stairs climbed and the number of minutes you spent active. If you want a simple and clear workout watch face, this is one of the best options.


Gymaholic is a great option for workout-focused Apple Watch faces. It displays the correct form of various workouts, allowing you to follow the movement and learn how to perform the workout without errors.

It also displays reps, sets and heart rate. If you’re looking for a great weightlifting and strength training watch face, Gymaholic is a great choice.


One of the most important elements of any training regimen is water intake. Adequate hydration means you won’t have cramps in the middle of your workout, and it will help you recover from your most intense workouts.

WaterMinder makes it easy to keep track of your fluid intake and sends regular reminders to drink throughout the day. It also displays a log of when you drank, as well as which drink you drank.

Where to Find Apple Watch Faces

There are two main ways to find Apple Watch faces: through the Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app, or through third-party apps in the App Store. One of the best options is an app called Facer.

The Face Gallery displays all the Apple Watch faces currently available to you by default. This includes popular options like kaleidoscope, chronograph, numbers, and Siri. These faces are available to anyone with an Apple Watch without having to download an external third-party app.

Facer contains dozens of custom Apple Watch faces. You can scroll through the options available in Facer and then add any of them to your face gallery by tapping an option and choosing Add to My Faces.

How to Customize an Apple Watch Face

You can customize Apple Watch faces by replacing one extension with another, at least on watch faces that allow it. You do this through the Apple Watch face, not through the iPhone.

On the Apple Watch home screen, press and hold the watch face until Edit appears. Select Edit.Swipe left between options. Some watch faces let you customize the display time from minutes to minutes and seconds, while others let you customize the color. By scrolling to the bottom, you can change the complications.All available complications will be highlighted. Touch one of the add-ons and rotate the Digital Crown to view options, then touch an option to select it. Press the Digital Crown to save your changes.

With the Apple Watch customization features, you can turn almost any face into your dream customization. Even a face that might not be the most ideal for training can be made that way by simply swapping a few complications.

The Best Apple Watch Faces for Health and Fitness 2022

The Best Apple Watch Faces for Health and Fitness 2022

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