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The 5 Best Online Sources To Buy Used Textbooks

Student debt is a common topic of conversation about higher education, but how much of that debt comes from loans and how much from textbooks? Universities do not have a standardized textbook system.

Some professors write their own and require students to buy books, while others use expensive work from publishers like McGraw and Pearson. A student attending just four classes per semester can spend $ 600 or more on textbooks, sometimes just one book.

The grace of saving budget-constrained college students is a second hand market. On any college campus, you will find a used book store that specializes in textbooks. Unfortunately, the quantity is often limited. Your best bet is to buy old textbooks online.

Numerous websites and services provide textbooks in good or better condition for college students. The websites on this list are some of the best.


Chegg is one of the places where students can buy used textbooks because they not only sell textbooks, but also rent them out. If your class needs a freshly released new tutorial, you may not be able to find a used copy anywhere. On the other hand, renting it out means that you are not spending a huge amount of money.

Chegg lets you return books for free with a prepaid shipping label and even provides a 21-day risk-free period. If you decide that the course is not for you, you can drop it and return the book without any financial risk.

Chegg saves students up to 90% on textbooks, has a huge database of questions and answers to these pesky questions, and even offers e-textbooks for many titles. This is the best option for college students looking to save on textbooks.



Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace, so why not drop by to buy used textbooks? In truth, Amazon allows anyone to sell products on their platform. College students will find creative ways to make money, so flipping through a textbook that they no longer need is the ideal solution.

Just go to Amazon and find the textbook you want, and chances are you will find it, even in those little-known courses and subjects. The only exception is textbooks for professors – they may be easier to find from other students on your campus.

You should know that Amazon is also offering Amazon Prime (free two-day shipping, free e-books every month, and Prime Video) to college students as part of the Amazon Student deal. This is a great way to save on shipping and tutorials. Plus, you get a free Netflix alternative.

Campus Books

CampusBooks allows users to buy, rent and sell textbooks, but its true strength lies in the search aggregator. The service searches various stores all over the Internet to help students find the best price for their textbook, including Amazon, Chegg and many more.

If you want to search almost all stores at once without wasting time on your own, Campus Books is the way to go. And, fortunately, the textbooks do not have airfare prices – no weird tricks to keep the price up.


With a name like Textbooks.com, it’s no surprise the website is attracting huge traffic. On the other hand, the traffic is well earned. Textbooks.com is one of the easiest-to-use used textbook retailers anywhere on the web.

The site has a few bells and whistles. On the home page, users are greeted by a large search bar and three main navigation options: “Buy Textbooks”, “Sell Textbooks” and “Electronic Textbooks”. The site advertises prices up to 90% off and provides free shipping for orders over $ 25.

Textbooks.com claims there are over 10 million textbooks in stock. The site also provides other services such as an expert answer service that you can use to clear up even the most confusing questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is also an online writing center, available anytime of the day, with basic services such as a plagiarism checker, grammar tool, and a citation generator.


Like many of its competitors, eCampus allows you to buy used textbooks at up to 90% off their face value. Shipping is free above $ 35, and users can buy, sell, and rent textbooks on the site. Customers can save $ 5 on order by texting Word books to 87955.

What makes eCampus different is the eWards program. It is a reward program that allows users to save even more money by spending points. These points can be earned by completing simple tasks such as registering, following an eCampus on Twitter, connecting your Facebook account, and more. You also earn points when you buy or rent a textbook. Oddly enough, renting a textbook brings more points per dollar.

eCampus also provides customers with a “Textbook Guarantee”. Textbooks can be returned for any reason within 25 days of purchase, and leases can be renewed at any time. eCampus also provides access to an electronic version of your textbooks.

ECampus doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as its competitors, but if you’re unlikely to use the online help services provided by Chegg and Textbooks.com, you can use the rewards program to save a few extra dollars.

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