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Snapchat Trophies Are Gone But This Snapchat Charm List Will Help

Snapchat is one of the most exciting social media platforms out there. It is so popular with users for two main reasons. One of them is Snapchat visual add-ons like filters and text that you can apply when you send a message. The second reason is the in-app reward system that rewards you as you send these messages to other users.

Both Snapchat friends emojis and Snapchat trophies were part of that system. However, it now appears that the trophies have been replaced with something called Snapchat Charms. Let’s take a look at what each Snapchat charm means, how to get them, and what happened to the Snapchat trophies.

What happened to the Snapchat Awards?

Snapchat had a popular feature called Trophies. Basically, it was a hidden reward system that allowed you to unlock certain badges if you achieved something in the app.

Snapchat had over 50 different “locked” emojis that represented trophies. To unblock them, you had to send a certain number of messages, make new friends, or even just verify your email address. Each user could access their trophies through the Snapchat Trophy case.

In the latest update, Snapchat has replaced trophies with something similar called Charms.

Where to Find Your Snapchat Charms

You can find your Snapchat charms in your Friendship Info with another Snapchat user.

  1. Open Snapchat from the camera screen.

  1. Use the search bar to enter the name of a specific friend, or browse to the chat list.

  1. Select one of your Snapchat friends and click their username.

  1. In the upper left corner of the screen, find the user icon or his Bitmoji and click on it.

  1. Scroll down and find Charms at the bottom of your friend’s profile.

You opened a chat with your friend and didn’t find many charms? Here’s how to get them.

How to get Snapchat Charms

You and your friends can get different enchantments depending on your connection. This includes how often and how many snaps you send to each other, as well as how complete your Snapchat profiles are.

Snapchat will automatically reward you with new charms if you meet certain criteria. You can get enchantments related to your birthdays, usernames, your friends’ emoticons, or Bitmoji.

You cannot control exactly what or how much you get. However, if you want to add new delights to your friendship, remember to take pictures of each other frequently and update your Snapchat profiles.

The Complete Snapchat Magic List

Unlike trophies, talismans are more personal and differ depending on your friendship with the user. They give you more detailed information about how you bond with your friend, such as your astrological compatibility.

While Snapchat is promising to add more charms in the future, there are about 30 in the app right now.

Snapchat Birthday Charms

Snapchat Birthday Magic

As we mentioned earlier, some charms can be unlocked simply by completing your Snapchat profile.

Zodiac Sign

If both you and your friend have listed birthdays on their Snapchat profiles, you will receive a zodiac sign charm.

Astrologer Compatibility

Snapchat will reward you with this charm if you and your friend are compatible with the zodiac signs. It will also highlight your personality traits and personality traits that unite the two of you (according to astrology).

Twins Birthday

If you and your friend have birthdays in the same week, you will unlock the Twins Birthday Mascot. The year does not matter here if the difference in birthdays is less than 7 days.

Half Birthday Twins

If you and your friend have birthdays 6 months apart, you get a half-birthday charm for twins.

Upcoming birthday

This is a charm that you will see when your friend’s birthday is approaching.

Friend’s birthstone

You will also see your friend’s stone-stone amulet in the list. This is a little key mascot that Snapchat rewards everyone based on the month they were born.

Snapchat Friendship Charm

Snapchat Friendship Spell

The largest part of all Snapchat mascots are friendship mascots. These are the ones that have something to do with how often and how much you both communicate in the app.

New friends

When you have a relatively new Snapchat account and don’t have any best friends yet, you can get the New Friends Amulet. It will appear as soon as you add a new user to your friends list.


Similar to friends emoticons, you can get this amulet in three different versions depending on how long you have been each other’s best friends in the app.

Mutual Best Friends

If you and your friend have a mutual best friend from the “Best Friends” section, you will see the mutual best friends enchantment appear on your list.

Mutual Besties

It’s a little awkward. If you received this amulet, it means that you and your friend are using the same # 1 best friend in the app. However, this is another charm that can be accidentally earned.


Once you start sharing snaps with a friend on a daily basis and without mistakes, you will get the Snapstreak charm with the number of days on it.

Snapchat Keep In Touch Charms

Snapchat Keep In Touch Charms

You will probably see a lot of these on Snapchat as they are awarded even if you don’t keep in touch with the person at all.

Shy guys

When you add a contact on Snapchat and don’t talk to them, you will see this Snapchat charm appear on the list.


If you frequently exchange pictures with each other, you will get the Enchant of Touch.

A second has passed, there was a minute and a long time ago

These are three charms that will appear when you lose contact with someone. Depending on the amount of time, he will say “it was a second, a minute or some time.” This Snapchat will give you a little nudge.

It was forever

If you and your Snapchat friend have not been in touch for over a year, you will get that sad “It’s been forever” charm.

Snapchat Score Charms

Snapchat Score Charms

By using the app every day to send pictures and stories, you increase your Snapchat rating. When you and your friend reach a certain level, the app rewards you with a grade mark.

They come in 5 different levels, for example 5 stars: Snap Rookies with 1 star, Sophomores, Masters, Heroes and Snap Legends with 5 stars respectively.

There are also two special charms that are not suitable for everyone. Snapchat OGs Charm is only for those users who started using the app back in 2013, while Employee Charm is exclusively for Snapchat employees.

How to hide and restore amulets

Your Snapchat friendships are private, just like Charms. You can hide or restore them in your profile at any time. Here’s how to hide the Snapchat charm.

  1. Find the amulet you want to hide.
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the amulet.
  3. Select Hide Charm.

To restore Charm, go to your Friendship profile. In the Charm list, you will now find a new hidden button. Click on it to see all hidden enchantments and select the one you want to restore.

Time to charm them all

Snapchat is one of those apps that are extremely popular with kids and that you should definitely know about as a parent If you don’t fit into any of these groups, you will still be interested in exploring something new and different.

Have you tried the new Snapchat Charms yet? Are you happy with the replacement or prefer trophies to them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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