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Search for Only Add-On Items on Amazon

Becoming an expert shopper on Amazon is an art. You should know how, when and where to find the best deals and discounts, how to use Warehouse Deals, Subscribe & Save, and more. However, what do you know about additional items?

Additional items are a fairly new addition to Amazon, and they allow you to access small items that can help fill your cart when you hit the minimum purchase threshold (usually $ 25). A wide range of accessories is available – you can find shampoo, snacks, small appliances and more.

The catch is, finding additional items on Amazon isn’t easy. You often come across them by accident, and it is currently impossible to search through a list of purely additional items. Maybe Amazon just hasn’t built it into their search yet, or maybe they don’t plan on doing it.

Either way, you can still find additional items in several interesting ways. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to find these hidden gems on Amazon.

Find additional Amazon items using Amazon Search

Search for Amazon plugins with Amazon Search

The first option you have is the most obvious – use Amazon itself. While this method is somewhat crude since Amazon does not currently support filtering only on additional items, most of the results you get are exactly what you want. However, you will have to do a little manual filtering as non-add-on items can sometimes show up in your results.

All you have to do is search Amazon for the phrase “additional items”. Unfortunately, you cannot add other terms to your request. For example, “cookie add-ons” will not properly filter your results by add-on.

Even if you do this search correctly, Amazon will still try to filter the results for additional items only. You will see several results that are not add-ons, subscribe frequently and save items. However, at least 90% of the results are complementary items.

Find Amazon add-ons using third-party sites

Search for plugins on Amazon using third-party sites

Since using Amazon’s built-in search functionality does not provide optimal results, there are several third-party sites that have started indexing additional items for search and filtering. Let’s talk about the two best sites for finding additional Amazon products.

Amazon Add-On Item Finder

Amazon Add-On Item Finder is a search engine exclusively for additional Amazon products.

Amazon Add-On Item Finder offers instant filtering for the following product categories:

This site also has a filtering option to display additional items under $ 2. This is great for tossing filler items to hit a threshold, or squeezing out the last piece of a gift card balance.

Unfortunately, there are not many advanced search options other than that. You can additionally search by keyword or phrase, but you cannot filter by price range.

Amazon Add-On Item Finder is extremely easy to use and definitely outperforms Amazon’s built-in search functionality.

So great!

So cool! it is more than just a way to find additional Amazon products, but it is one of the few Amazon product aggregators that supports this feature. However, knowing how to do this is a bit tricky. This is why we are here!

To filter out So Cool! search for optional items only, you need to search for item first. After you’ve done your search, below the search box on the right, click the text labeled “filters”.

A menu will appear where you will want to enable the Add-on Only option by clicking the OFF button to enable it. This will instantly filter all items for the current search query and display only additional items.

Unlike Amazon Add-On Item Finder, so cool! Supports many advanced filtering options such as price range and rating. When you are looking for certain additional items, So Cool! – The best decision.

While Amazon doesn’t natively support a way to filter items by add-on status, using this Amazon search trick and these third-party websites are the best methods to find additional items.

Complementary products are a great way to find filler products that compete with many in-store prices, so knowing how to find them effectively is essential to becoming an Amazon shopping master!

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