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Quick Fixes When Your Zoom Meeting Camera Isn’t Working

There is nothing more frustrating than preparing a Zoom meeting and getting ready to go just to find out that your camera is not working.

Below are some quick ways to fix your desktop or smartphone camera to zoom.

Was your video playing?

When you join a meeting, Zoom prompts you with a window that says “Mute My Video”.

Make sure this box is not checked. If so, you will enter the meeting without being in the frame. If you can’t see your webcam, make sure all other programs that also use your webcam are closed.

Close all other programs

Whether you are using a Mac, Linux or Windows computer, try closing all other applications, especially applications that also use your camera, such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Your camera can only work with one app at a time. Sometimes these programs run in the background or may be among your startup programs.

On Windows, you can use the Task Manager to kill processes that might freeze and use your camera.

On mobile devices, hold the Zoom app until the options menu appears. Then click on “Application Information” and select “Force Stop”. Wait a few minutes and restart it.

For a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, you can kill the process through the system monitor or with a line command in the terminal

Try to restart access to Zoom Camera

If your Zoom meeting camera is not working, try stopping the video first and then restarting it. See the up arrow next to the Start Video / Stop Video setting in the bottom bar and click it.

Make sure your camera is connected. Uncheck the box from the camera and then check again. See if the video starts working.

The next simple solution to try is to restart the Zoom app. Sometimes you can stop and restart the application.

If this does not solve your problem, try restarting your computer.

Are you up-to-date?

Are all the latest system updates installed on your device? If not, update them now. After making sure your device is up to date, check the Zoom app.

Visit the official website and download the latest version for your browser or device if you are not already using it, and check if your browser settings are correct for accessing the camera.

Is it the camera or the zoom?

First, determine if the cause of your problem is your camera or the Zoom app itself. If it works in another app, the problem is with the Zoom app. The converse is also true.

Make sure nothing is covering or covering your camera.

Does your camera have a zoom permit?

Your device may be blocking access to your camera. To make sure the Zoom app has camera resolution settings in Windows 10, start by typing settings into the search bar.

In Windows Settings, click on Privacy> Camera under Application Permissions.

The first section allows you to access your camera on your device. Make sure it’s on.

The next section globally gives your installed apps access to your camera. If it is off, turn it on with the switch.

Note that you can change permissions for individual apps in the Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your camera and Allow desktop apps to access camera settings.

The Zoom app is located in the desktop apps section. Scroll down to find it and make sure it’s enabled.

Permissions for macOS

On Mac OS 10.14 Mojave, check your operating system permissions to make sure Zoom can access your camera.

For other Mac versions, contact Apple Support

Permissions for Android devices to access the camera
  • Go to Settings Applications > Application manager > Zoom
  • If you don’t see Accessibility listed for capturing videos and photos for Zoom app, uninstall and reinstall the app

Remove and reinstall Zoom

After completing all of the above steps and making sure your camera works with other applications, try a fresh installation of Zoom.

First, you must uninstall your current Zoom installation. Then, for Mac and Windows operating systems, download it again from the Zoom website

Reinstall Zoom on Linux

Since Linux has many different distributions, see Installing or Updating Zoom on Linux for Different Distros.

Delete Zoom from your Android device by following these steps:

Reinstall Zoom by going to the Play Store and clicking Install.

To uninstall the Zoom app on iOS:

Click Install to download the new version of Zoom. When the download is complete, the app will appear on the home screen.

Check and make sure your camera is working now. If this works for other apps but not Zoom, please contact Zoom support.

If your camera doesn’t work with any app, please contact Apple Support

Zoom Best Practices

Now that you’ve solved your Zoom camera problems, below are some tips for working with Zoom meetings.

If you are the host of a Zoom meeting, in addition to checking your settings before the meeting starts, practice what you plan to do.

For example, make sure you know how to share your screen and record an appointment before starting. Hosts don’t need to allow attendees to share their screens, but they can prevent them from doing so.

Also find out how to give them permission to record your meeting if they ask.

Have you tried Zoom yet? It is a free, feature-rich video conferencing platform for virtual meetings with family, friends, customers, staff and business partners. And now you know what to do if your Zoom meeting camera is not working.

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