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OTT Explains : What Is a Meme (And How To Create One)

The Internet has brought several important groundbreaking advances to humanity – it has facilitated international trade, brought together different cultures, provided journalists with an endless source of news in the form of tweets but most importantly, you can always count on the Internet – it is memes.

If you’re here, chances are you’ve searched on Google for “what a meme” is. A meme is when an image is combined with a funny phrase. This could be a picture of popular culture or current events, like this –

Or a photograph taken by someone that is then suddenly the subject of a “viral” meme sensation (when it spreads uncontrollably over the Internet, usually via social media). For example, my favorite Business Cat.

If you check Google Images, you will see that it is awash with memes of any description. In the overwhelming majority there is nothing special and disappear into obscurity. But some people are fortunate enough to create memes because they have a sense of humor that resonates with people, or because they get involved in popular culture at the right time.

For example, the new Star Wars series “ The Mandalorian ” is currently on Disney +. Memes related to the series are very popular now. For copyright reasons, I’ll just give you a link. The most popular meme by far is Grumpy Cat, so much so that when the real cat recently died, it received widespread media coverage.

Or there is Facts About Chuck Norris, which highlights Chuck Norris’s courage.

One of the most common memes on the Internet besides Grumpy Cat is Indulgent Willy Wonka. You will know it when you see it.

Memes are a marketer’s dream as you can use them in viral marketing campaigns. As you can see, the meme is not rocket science, so anyone can create it. All you need is your image, your joke and the “meme generator” of which there are countless numbers on the Internet. All you need is Google for one

Create your own meme

However, before we get to that, be sure to watch our YouTube video where we talk about how to create your own meme (if you prefer to watch the video rather than read the text):

However, for the purposes of this article, I’m going to use ImgFlip to create a meme.

On the meme generator page, everything is very simple.

That’s all. All you really need to remember is that you don’t steal people’s private photos. Pop culture and the public domain are fair game, but stealing and bullying someone’s photographs of their child (for example) is clearly prohibited. So use common sense here.

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