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most expensive game console 2022/23

most expensive game console 2022/23.

In these difficult economic times, we all need fun, but also frugality. With the release of a new generation of fairly expensive game consoles, it’s fair to ask what you get for your hard earned cash.

Should you buy a next-gen console or stick with an older and more affordable one? Should you buy the most expensive game consoles?

Putting All the Options on the Table

What consoles are we talking about here? The most “expensive” consoles mentioned in the title of this article are the PlayStation 5 (with floppy drive) and Xbox Series X. Both of these consoles cost $ 500. At the very least, they do it in key territories before the sales tax is added. That’s a lot of money!

Then there are cheaper options from the same generation consoles. There’s a PlayStation Digital Edition without a floppy drive for $ 399. On the Xbox side, there’s the $ 299 Xbox Series S. The Series S also lacks a floppy drive and has a much less powerful graphics chip than its more expensive sibling, the Series X.

Then we have (now) the latest generation console. PlayStation 4, Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are mid-generation updates to these older consoles that have slightly improved the graphics experience.

We’re not going to include the Nintendo Switch here, because it doesn’t really compete in the same space as the other two consoles. If you’re wondering whether to buy Switch or Switch Lite, check out the top differences between Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch.

Understanding the Benefits of the Latest Consoles

What’s so special about these new expensive consoles anyway? Here’s a quick summary:

If you buy one of these new high-end consoles, you’ll get sharper graphics, smoother motion, and improvements to your existing and favorite games. Apart from the cost, all this is positive from a gaming point of view!

Now that all the options are on the table and you know what will make you some money, let’s look at each major decision in turn.

Xbox or PlayStation?

Both Sony and Microsoft have some pretty compelling gaming platforms, and there is no universally better choice. For a more in-depth comparison between these two console brands, check out Playstation vs Xbox: How to Choose What Is Right for you.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice that depends on what games you enjoy playing, what your friends are playing, which online service you like best, and which brand is reaching out to you. It also matters whether you care about passing on your existing collection of games to the next generation or not.

For most people, comparing the two brands of consoles is not all that helpful, since you are unlikely to choose a neutral position. More importantly, it is a choice: whether to switch to the most expensive model of the chosen brand or not.

Our recommendation: listen to your heart.

PlayStation 5 Digital vs Playstation 5 With Disc Drive?

When it comes to the PlayStation 5, there are two models to choose from. Both are identical in every way, except the Digital Edition doesn’t have a BluRay drive and costs $ 100 less, so you don’t sacrifice game quality or next-gen performance.

Sounds good, right? Well, that $ 100 “saving” might actually be a bad deal for you and very good for Sony. Saying no thanks to drive gives Sony full control over video game pricing.

You lose access to retail pricing competition, used games, PS4 games, and the ability to play 4K BluRay movies. We don’t think these sacrifices are worth the $ 100 saved. You can easily get that money back and even more by saving on price. However, if you are confident that these sacrifices are the ones you can live with, then digital will become a more affordable option in the short term.

Our recommendation: buy the stock PlayStation 5

Series S or Series X?

The Series S is $ 200 cheaper than the flagship Series X console. However, unlike the two PS5 models, you are giving up much more than just a floppy drive. The S series has a (slightly) slower processor and only one third of the GPU power. However, the S series is aimed at (up to) 1440p rendering resolution. Better to think of it as a 1080p console to avoid disappointment.

If you have a 1080p TV and don’t plan on moving to 4K anytime soon, the Series S is a great choice. Losing access to a disk creates the same problems as on a diskless PS5. However, Microsoft has a Game Pass service that makes up for this in many ways.

You can play all the same games as Series S. You also get the same backward compatibility support. Games should also play at the same frame rate as the Series X. The main differences will be in lower resolutions and possibly slightly reduced graphics settings.

The choice here is really based on budget. The X series is clearly and objectively superior. The difference is undoubtedly worth $ 200. So, if your budget allows it, buy a more expensive device.

Our recommendation: Buy the X Series if you have a choice.

Sticking With the Last Generation

If you own a PS4, PS4 Pro, One S, or One X, you shouldn’t be under too much pressure to upgrade. If you’re happy with the resolution and frame rates of these consoles, you can still expect new games to be available on your console within a year or two.

If you don’t own any of these more expensive video game consoles, the choice becomes more difficult. If you are a new buyer, it is best to buy the latest generation console now. Because you will be tuned in for the next five years. If you buy one of the outgoing consoles, even at a good price, you will need replacement much sooner.

With the backward compatibility of the PS5 and Xbox series consoles, it doesn’t make sense to hang on to their predecessors. While the image quality on outgoing machines is still good, they suffer from low frame rates. This is perhaps the largest and fastest improvement in the quality of life.

Are the most expensive game consoles worth the asking price? Absolutely. Are they worth it? This is a different question. We think the long list of gameplay improvements over the cheaper generation of consoles is significant. Not to mention, it will be difficult for you to build a gaming PC with such characteristics. On the other hand, a gaming PC might not be that much more expensive when you factor in life cycle costs!

most expensive game console 2020/21

most expensive game console 2020/21

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