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Monitor refresh rate test sites

5 Best Sites to Test Your Monitor Refresh Rate.Monitor refresh rate test.

The refresh rate of a monitor is one of the most important metrics for determining image quality. But how do you check the refresh rate of your monitor?

It is not enough just to read the label. To determine what your monitor’s refresh rate is in practice, you need to use a tool that checks that performance in real time. Here are five of the best internet sites for doing this.

What Is Refresh Rate And Why Do You Need to Test It?

On-screen visuals are created by displaying multiple still images in sequence. The faster these episodes go, the more convincing the illusion becomes, making the video smoother.

This is called frames per second or FPS. But the frame rate of the video or game in question isn’t the only factor in video quality. The monitor must also be able to display that number of frames every second.

This is where the refresh rate comes in. Simply put, a display’s refresh rate is the number of frames it can display every second. The higher the refresh rate, the better the image quality. This is why you need to test the display and determine if its refresh rate is sufficient for your games or videos.

1. TestUFO

This is one of the easiest tests to run and also one of the most accurate. Just open the site and let it work wonders. TestUFO automatically syncs with your browser and checks your monitor’s refresh rate. The results are displayed in the center of the screen.

It is recommended that you close all other running programs and browser tabs while the test is running to minimize any interference. In case the internet is unstable, the tool will display a warning at the bottom. Wait until the green Ready light turns on to confirm the results.

TestUFO also offers other tools to test additional parameters of your monitor. For example, you can check your display for frame drops, which comes in handy when overclocking your monitor.

2. DisplayHZ

This simple and minimalistic test does what it says it does: it displays your monitor’s refresh rate in hertz (Hz). The test is remarkable in that it works quickly and gives a result in a matter of seconds. It is much faster than most similar tools on the market.

This is an improved version of an old tool called Vsync Tester (which may be better for older devices). Its accuracy is second to none, and you get a six decimal place refresh rate, several leagues higher than the competition.

This tool is especially useful when comparing multiple displays, as most screens display roughly the same values. The extra precision allows for a better comparison.

3. Display Test

This nifty little tool can test your display and quickly determine its refresh rate. Although the results are displayed only to one decimal point, the value is specified in seconds.

The Display Test works in most browsers, including Apple WebKit and Mozilla’s Gecko-based offerings, with the exception of Chrome, of course. It also has a better user interface than most similar tools, making it easier to use and understand.

Just go to the site and click the “Go” button. The test will run quickly and the results will be displayed on the speed dial.

4. Eizo Monitor Test

We’ve listed this at number four, but it’s probably the most comprehensive tool on the list. The Eizo Monitor test not only tests your monitor’s refresh rate, but everything about it.

Defective pixels, color distances, sharpness, viewing angle – this tool checks your monitor for all important technical aspects. It’s also fully customizable, allowing you to choose which of the tests to run, so you can just use the refresh rate test if you’re in a hurry.

These features make the Eizo Monitor Test a very useful tool in diagnosing monitor problems. You should use the site to check your monitor from time to time to ensure that it is working as expected.

5. Frames-Per-Second

This tool works a little differently. Rather than just displaying a numerical value for your refresh rate, it actually shows the various refresh rates in action.

When you open Frames-Per-Second, you will be greeted by a repeating animation of two spherical objects bouncing back and forth across a moving background. Each of these images operates at a different frame rate, demonstrating how different frame rates manifest in action.

You can change these numbers as you like by setting each animation to any desired frame rate per second. You can also adjust settings such as Motion Blur to get an accurate estimate of how these frame rates look in comparison.

Which Is the Best Site To Test Your Monitor Refresh Rate?

If you are looking for the ultimate in precision and accuracy, DisplayHZ is what you need. It delivers results to six decimal places and is fast.

To get a more holistic view of your monitor, you should use the Eizo Monitor Test. This will help you test your device for all sorts of visual problems and make sure it is working properly.

Whether you’re checking out the specs of an old monitor or thinking about upgrading to a new one, refresh rate is one of the main features to keep in mind. With these tools, you can determine where your display is standing.

5 Best Sites to Test Your Monitor Refresh Rate

5 Best Sites to Test Your Monitor Refresh Rate.

Monitor refresh rate test

Monitor refresh rate test

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