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Mark all Your Gmail Messages as “Read” in One Go

Gmail has become the main email service for over billion people around the world. Many people want a good email interface and powerful email management tools.

The good news is that Gmail is packed with tips and tricks to help power users manage thousands of messages quickly and easily. All it takes is a little knowledge of internal Gmail commands.

Modern Gmail is now split into four different mailboxes. We have basic, social, promotions and updates. If you are like most people, you probably get hundreds of emails a day, with no hope of reading every single one of them. Before you know it, thousands and thousands of messages will be marked as “unread”.

This is a problem because it means you have to rely on push notifications or intrusive manual checking to see if there are new messages waiting for your attention. Marking all messages as “read” is a solution, but not as easy as it should be.

Of course, you can select all the posts on the page you are currently viewing, but not the thousands of posts across the hundreds of pages that we quickly accumulate. Here’s how to delete notifications and unread emails.

Mark all Gmail messages as read

Please note that these instructions do not apply to the Gmail app and must be performed through a browser.

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First go to your inbox at www.gmail.com

We will now add a special search command to the search bar. Be sure to read my other post on Google search operators, most of which you can also use for Gmail. Enter the following:

Label: inbox is: unread

And press Enter. Note that this will give you all the unread messages in the three main inboxes I mentioned above. If you have unread messages that automatically move to the label, just change the label from your inbox to something else, or just remove the entire label: inbox part and just type is: unread, which will cause all unread messages to appear all over the place.

Now click the dropdown arrow and select “All”

This will select all posts on the current page, but we want all posts on all pages. Also click on “Select all conversations matching this search.”

Now, just click this icon to mark all messages as Read.

You will now be asked to confirm this bulk action.

It’s time to enjoy the sweet glow of no unread message notifications. Enjoy!

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