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How To Use TikTok On PC

For months, trying to use TikTok on PC has been a daunting task. We had to use weird desktop apps or try to find workarounds using Android emulators, but that day has come to an end.

TikTok has finally released the TikTok app for PC, and it’s available right in the browser. For the most part, the functionality works the same as it does on a mobile phone, although you’ll have to be pretty good at desktop layout, which can be a little confusing at first. Some features are disabled as well, but this is a great start for desktop users.

How to browse TikTok on your computer

To access TikTok on PC, just visit TikTok.com Once there, click the Watch Now button to get started. You now have access to TikTok on your desktop.

You can browse by clicking on each video panel on the trending homepage to watch it, or by clicking find in the upper right corner to find more content.

You may notice that the functionality is a little limited. You won’t be able to search for specific tags or phrases, but there is a workaround. If you want to search for a specific tag, just click on the URL bar at the top of the page and enter the following URL:

https: //www.tiktok.com/tag/KEYWORD-NERE.

Unfortunately, functionality has been limited to encourage more mobile installs, so this is the only workaround to bypass the standard trend tags right now.

You can also manually search for specific users using the following URL – https://www.tiktok.com/@USERNAMEHERE.

For now, these are the main workarounds you need to use to watch TikTok on your PC. We predict that TikTok will limit functionality on PC for the foreseeable future, so you should bookmark this page in case you need to follow our guide again.

How to download TikTok videos and access your account on computer

You can upload videos to TikTok on PC via the main website and the functionality is similar to the mobile app if you follow the steps below. First, go to TikTok.com and click View Now if you haven’t already.

After that, click on the download button in the upper right corner and select the login option that you have used for your account in the past. If you’re new to TikTok, you can use another social platform like Twitter or Instagram to log in and automatically create an account.

We highly recommend downloading the TikTok app first and setting up your account there, as you will have more control within the app itself. You can download the TikTok iOS app here .and the Android app here If you need to learn the basics, you can learn how to use TikTok on mobile here

Once you are logged in, you can start uploading videos. To get started, simply click the downloadable video in the upper right corner of your screen. You will be taken to the download page. You can click “Select Video to Download” to transfer it to the file browser on your computer. Navigate to the video you want to download and then double-click it to start downloading.

It is important to know that the video should not be longer than 60 seconds and have a resolution of 720 × 1280 or higher. Videos shot in portrait mode will always perform better, but videos in landscape mode will download too. Black bars appear above and below the video when viewing landscape videos.

While the video is loading, you will have several options for editing your caption, user tags, and adding hashtags. Click any of the @ or # symbols and you can enter text to search for tags.

When you start typing, suggestions will appear. This is useful if you want to find popular hashtags because the results will show how many videos on TikTok were posted for each hashtag. If you need help picking hashtags, you can read our TikTok Marketing Guide.

Many of TikTok’s most powerful editing features get lost on the desktop. You cannot select music, which is one of the biggest features of TikTok, and you cannot add subtitles to the video itself. However, for those who are unable to regularly download content from their mobile phone, this is a great alternative.

If you want to try and get all the features of TikTok, an alternative is to download an Android emulator to your computer. This way you can load the mobile app into the emulator and access all the functions.

However, this approach has some difficulties. TikTok often crashes or is unresponsive when you try to download through the emulator – the developers go out of their way to stop using the emulator to make sure it actually works.

Will full TikTok jobs appear on the desktop soon?

TikTok takes the same approach as Instagram in how they provide browser access. The functionality is deliberately limited to encourage the installation of more applications.

Unfortunately, this means that TikTok desktops may always lack the excellent video editing features available on mobile devices. Also, loading content through Android emulators rarely works. There are many Microsoft Store apps that claim to offer TikTok desktop features, but thanks to our research, we have yet to find any that actually work.

So what does this mean? You will either have to settle for limited functionality on the official TikTok website, or if TikTok is paramount to your work or social life, you will need to change your workflow so that you can easily stream videos to and from your mobile. device to upload them there.

Did our guide to using TikTok on PC help you? Let us know your thoughts or contact us and ask for advice by leaving a comment below.

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