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How To Use Netflix’s Parental Control Feature

Netflix has become the leading streaming TV and movie site, and while recognizing that kids also use the platform, there is a separate kids section with kids’ content.

But that doesn’t stop tech-savvy kids from heading over to the adult section and getting full access to violent or sex-action movies. The last thing you need to do is come home from work and find your child watching Kill Bill . This is why you need to enable the built-in parental control settings.

What are the Netflix parental control settings?

If parental controls are not enabled, anyone can access a Netflix account if they know the password for that account. They then get unlimited access to everything that Netflix account has to offer in terms of movies and TV shows.

When you add parental controls, you say that in order to access certain media, anyone else with access to your account (like your kids) must enter a four-digit PIN to make sure they have permission to view this movie or show.

Every program and movie on Netflix has a “maturity rating” (similar to age statements in theaters). If you are the owner of a Netflix account, you can specify at which point in these ratings parental controls are triggered and a PIN is required for further promotion.

How to turn on parental controls

First of all, you need a PIN that your kids won’t recognize. So don’t be nice and don’t have birthdays or 1234 or 7890 or anything like that.

When you have the correct four-digit PIN, go here and you will see this screen.

Now enter your account password to go to the PIN page. If your kids know the password for the account, it’s time to change it and not give them a new one. Otherwise, they can access the PIN page and disable it.

As you can see in the next screen, the settings are very simple.

Before anyone says anything, my PIN is not 1234. I just dialed it to hide my real PIN. But on the screen, enter the desired PIN in these four fields and click “Save”.

But wait, we’re not done yet. Now you need to decide when a PIN is required. At what stage of the “maturity level” do you need to enter your PIN? When is someone trying to access only adult content? Or “older teens”? You can only make this judgment based on your personal circumstances, such as the age of your children.

The default is “Adults”, but if you want to decrease it even further, just click on the desired level. Therefore, if you want the PIN to start with “teens,” click “teens.” The color will change from green to gray.

Restrict specific addresses

Instead of an all-or-nothing approach, you can target a specific movie and show titles that should be limited.

So if you decide that the PIN should only apply to SpongeBob SquarePants because your child is going to be traumatized for life watching him, you can simply block it.

Go to the “Restrict Specific Titles” section at the bottom of the page and start typing the name of the movie or show you want to block. It will only appear if it is currently offered by Netflix in your country.

Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button at the top again.

Try it now

Now move on to one that will meet the maturity level you specified, or something on your list of limitations. You will see that if you try to access it, it will ask you to enter a PIN.

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