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How to Use Android Trusted Devices 2021

How to Use Android Trusted Devices 2021.

One of the most useful new features added to the Android operating system is the ability to unlock a mobile device simply by having a trusted device nearby.

What is a Trusted Device? This could be anything that connects to an Android device via Bluetooth. This includes smartwatches, headphones, other computers, or even smart home devices. The only requirement is that the device must support Bluetooth and connect to an Android device.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to set up trusted Android devices and the appropriate security settings to unlock your device in creative yet secure ways.

Configuring Android Trusted Devices

Setting up trusted Android devices is pretty straightforward. You just need to decide which device or devices you want to use to unlock your phone.

Make sure you have already connected your Bluetooth device to your Android device. This will help you later select it as a trusted device.

Here’s how to use trusted devices to unlock your Android device automatically.

  1. Open Android settings. Scroll and select the Lock Screen option.

  1. From the lock screen menu, select Smart Lock.
  2. From the Smart Lock menu, select Trusted devices.

Note. The menus may differ slightly depending on which version of Android you are using. Just search in the Smart Lock settings to find the Smart Lock menu.

Here you will see a screen where you can add a new trusted device that you can use to automatically unlock your Android device anytime your phone is connected to that device.

  1. Select Add Trusted Device to see the devices you are currently connected to via Bluetooth or devices you have connected to in the past.
  2. Select a device from the list that you want to use as a “trusted” device. “
  3. After you select it, you will see a confirmation window confirming the use of this device as a trusted one. Select “Yes”, “Add” to complete.

Android Trusted Devices, Things to Consider

What does it mean if you’ve turned on a “trusted device” to unlock your Android phone? This means that whenever you are in range and connect to this device. Anyone can bypass your phone’s lock screen to access it.

There are several things to think about before enabling this feature on your Android device.

Android “Trusted Devices” is exactly what the devices you know about, whether they are within your phone’s reach, should signal that you are currently here and have your own phone. It is your responsibility to make sure the trusted devices you add to this list are trusted devices to show that you have your own phone.

Don’t add devices like smart homes or computers that might be near your phone even when you’re not there. This can allow other people to access your Android device even when you are not around.

On-Body Detection and Trusted Places

Apart from Android Trusted Devices feature, you may have noticed several other interesting features on the Smart Lock screen.

Configure body detection

You don’t have to do much to enable and configure on-body detection. Once you turn it on, it just works.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as you have your phone in your hand, pocket or purse, you don’t have to worry about having to unlock your phone every time. to use it.

  1. Open Android settings and tap the lock screen.
  2. From the lock screen menu, select Smart Lock.
  3. In Smartlock, select Body Detect from the menu.
  4. Just set the toggle at the top to On.

Now that your phone is on you and senses your movements. You can pull out your phone and use it without touching the lock screen.

Just keep in mind that if the phone is unlocked when. You’re on top of you and then someone else grabs it. The phone will still think it’s on you. This is one of the reasons you should never use this feature alone. Better to pair it with trusted devices so you have a second line of security.

Configuring Trusted Places

Trusted Locations is one of the most useful smart lock features because there are probably certain places where you can be sure no one will steal your phone.

For example, if you don’t really worry too much about someone in your family using your phone (or don’t care if they do), then it makes sense to make your home a safe place.

To do this:

  1. Open Android settings. Scroll and select the lock screen option.
  2. From the lock screen menu, select Smart Lock.
  3. From the smart lock menu, select Trusted Places.
  4. Select Add Trusted Location to mark the new location as Trusted.

You will see a map that you can zoom in and out or scroll to move the red pointer over the location you want to mark as safe.

When you hover your marker over businesses or other places that Google can recognize. You’ll see the name of that place at the bottom of the window.

With your mouse over a location, simply click Select This Location to mark it as trusted.

Just remember that for this feature to work properly, you need to leave the Android GPS sensor turned on.

Using Smart Lock Security on Android

All Smart Lock features are available for use if you are using the latest Android version.

Android Trusted Devices is the most secure Smart Lock feature because it ensures that your phone is close to a device that you always carry with you, such as a smartwatch. Other features such as Trusted Places or Body Detection are not as safe, but they are useful if you are careful about how and where to enable them.

Combined with fingerprints or face biometrics (if your Android device supports this), the lock screen shouldn’t be a bother at all.

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How to Use Android Trusted Devices 2021

How to Use Android Trusted Devices 2021

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