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How to Use Alexa as an Intercom 2023

How to Use Alexa as an Intercom 2023.

Alexa from Amazon is packed to the brim with features and functions that make it one of the best smart assistants on the market. One of the most powerful features is the ability to use it as an intercom.

There are several ways to use this feature. You can use Alexa as an intercom, making announcements from individual Echo devices or streaming them all at once. This feature is already built-in, so you don’t need to set up the Alexa skill or activate anything. Here’s how to use it.

Use Alexa as an Intercom With Drop-In

Alexa has a unique feature that doesn’t sound like calling. This is called the Drop-In. With Drop-In, you don’t have to wait for a response: you simply connect to the Echo. You can speak through its speakers and hear any activity near the device.

Given the potential security risks associated with such a feature, you must first enable it before you can use this feature.

Open the Alexa app and tap Devices in the lower right corner. Tap Echo and Alex. This will display a list of all your Echo devices. You must enable Drop-In on each device individually.

This prevents the feature from working with Echos that you don’t want someone to look at, such as the bedroom. Nobody wants to be woken up by a strange voice.

Tap the device and scroll down to the Communication section. Click Drop-In. You can choose from three settings: “On”, “My Family” and “Off”.

When you select “On” Only authorized contacts are allowed access. If you choose My Family, only devices from your account can connect to it (ideal for reaching someone on the other side of the house without making a call). If you don’t want anyone to log in, select Off.

How to Drop-In

You can connect to your Echo device in two ways.

1. You can go to a specific device. The first and most common way is to simply say, “Alexa, come on at Kitchen Echo.” You can choose which device to connect to if you know the name.

2. You can also connect to a specific group of devices. For example, if there are multiple Echo devices in the living room, you might say, “Alexa, come into the living room.” Be aware that logging into a group of Echo devices can sometimes result in a lot of audio feedback, so you may only want to log into a specific device.

If you want to talk to the whole family, you can ask Alexa to “look everywhere.” Any Echo device in your home that has Drop-In enabled and is not set to Do Not Disturb will connect. Think of it as a conference call to the whole house.

When you want to disconnect, just say “Alexa, stop coming in.”

You can also log in through your phone. Open the Alexa app and tap the Communication tab at the bottom. There are four options at the top of the screen: Call, Share, Skip, and Announce.

Click Drop-In. A list of compatible devices will appear. Tap one and you’re connected.

If you connect to a camera device such as an Echo Show, your connection will act as a video call. Otherwise it will be audio only, but you can mute the microphone if you only want to listen. This is a convenient way for parents to look after their children while in another room.

If you want to end the call, just tap the phone icon in the center of the screen.

Warn someone before stopping by

Drop Ins is a powerful feature, but is best for home contacts only. There are legitimate privacy concerns around someone potentially listening to you without your knowledge, as there is no warning that someone will drop in.

If you want to alert someone before contacting, you can ask Alexa to call a specific device or tap the call icon in the Alexa app. This will make the device ring before connecting.

How to Make an Announcement

If every room in your house is equipped with an Echo and you need to get everyone together for dinner, you won’t want to waste time creating customized ads. Instead, use Alexa as an intercom for this purpose only.

All you have to do is say, “Alexa, announce.” Alexa will then ask you what you want to say in your message. You can record a message that says anything from “meatloaf is ready” to “who let the dogs out? Woof woof woof “.

After you finish recording, all devices on your network will ring and broadcast your message. This is a great way to connect with everyone at the same time. However, ads are just one-way messages. Unlike Drop In, ad recipients cannot respond.

You can also make an announcement by phone. Go to the “Communication” tab and click “Announce”. You can enter your message or say something into the microphone and it will play on all your Alexa devices.

A Hands-Free Option to Instantly Connect

Alexa Drop-In with ads saves you a few hassles up and down the stairs. Combine them with Alexa’s skills and routines, and you can even manage many family chores with it. Have you set up Alexa Drop-In?

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