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How To Upload Files To iCloud From a PC

How To Upload Files To iCloud From a PC.

The lack of cross-platform compatibility between iOS and Windows devices can cause serious headaches. We’ve shown you how to access iCloud on Android before, but the process is not as streamlined on PC. However, uploading files from your PC to iCloud is quite possible.

Since web browsers are included with all major operating systems, synchronizing with a web server and making applications and data available through websites has become a solution to many cross-compatibility issues. This is the case in this case and in many others.

Dropbox is available on all major platforms, but this is one example. By going to the official Dropbox website, you can access and even change all the files that are currently being shared and synced between your devices.

Luckily for both Mac and iPhone users, iCloud has followed a similar path. Apple’s own cloud storage can also be accessed through a browser on icloud.com, and in this article, we’ll explain how to upload files to iCloud from a PC.

What is iCloud for Web?

By going to icloud.com, you can sign in to your Apple iCloud account from any browser-enabled device. For iCloud accounts associated with devices running iOS 13, you will have access to 12 services: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, iCloud Drive, Notes, Reminders, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Find Friends, and Find iPhone. Accounts associated with earlier versions of iOS may have access to fewer.

For those who work at a desk and don’t like to hold their phone in their hand during the day, access to these apps is incredibly useful. It’s a much easier solution to connect your iPhone directly to your computer to download photos, videos, and more.

While there are currently no built-in browser integrations that interact with the iCloud web interface – such as plugins to alert you to reminders or updated notes – it’s still a great way to control your iPhone if you ever need to type something. especially long.

The most obvious example is a Notes application. If you have multiple Apple devices that you take with you on the road and need to type something long, which may not be most convenient to do on iPhone, access iCloud through its web interface and enter a note using keyboard will allow for immediate and automatic synchronization. Grab your iPhone after you type it and you will see it immediately in your Notes app.

How to Upload Files to iCloud from Computer

One of the most common uses for the iCloud web interface is to download pictures, videos, and other files from your iPhone to your computer, or vice versa. This is possible with the iCloud Drive, Photos, Numbers and Pages apps, and the process is the same for everyone.

In this example, we’ll use the Numbers app to show you how to upload a file to iCloud from a PC.

At the top of this page, as well as all other pages where you can upload files in iCloud web interface apps, you’ll see a cloud-shaped icon with an up arrow going through it.

This is a download icon and clicking on it will prompt you to search your system and download a new file or multiple new files. On Windows, Windows Explorer is used for this.

Click the download icon and select one or more files. For Pages, it should be spreadsheets, but file limits will be different in other iCloud apps.

One specific example is that photos do not allow uploading PNGs, which is a very common type of screenshot file. On Windows, you can hold down the Ctrl key to select and download multiple files at the same time.

A few seconds after downloading the file (s), you can check the Numbers app on your iPhone or Mac to see if syncing has occurred.

It is so simple. Again, this same procedure is true for all other iCloud apps that allow downloads. All of these apps also allow you to download, rename, duplicate and other options.

In Pages, hovering over an item displays an ellipsis (…) button that you can click to display options for downloading, copying, deleting, renaming, and sending a copy. These options differ in other applications, but the general procedure is to hover over and left- or right-click on an item. The options should appear either in the menu or at the top of the page.

Accessing the iCloud web interface and uploading files to the various apps that support it are extremely easy and can save quite a lot of time compared to doing such tasks from your iPhone.

While there is no indication that Windows and iOS apps will ever be cross-compatible, web apps bridge the gap and provide us with many conveniences that would not otherwise be possible.

Do you have any tips and tricks for the iCloud web interface? Do you have a question or comment on how to upload files to iCloud from a PC? Write us a comment below and let us know!

How To Upload Files To iCloud From a PC

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