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How to Upload and Tag Pictures and Photos in FaceBook

If you’re a FaceBook user, you may have seen you get a notification when someone tagged your photo, and that photo also appears in your timeline if you approve of it. When you upload a photo to Facebook, you can also tag someone to make sure they receive a notification, which is pretty simple. In the process, I’ll also quickly explain how you can upload photos to your FaceBook account to create albums or update your profile picture and cover photo.

To manage your photos and add tags to your photos, click on your name at the top and your profile will load. Then click “Photos”.

By default, you see photos of me, which basically includes any photos you have uploaded or someone else uploaded that you have been tagged on as well. If you click Your Photos, only the ones you have uploaded will be displayed, even if you are not tagged on them. If you click Albums, you will see all of your albums, and Untagged will show you the photos you have uploaded that have people who are not tagged.

Now, to tag an image, simply hover your mouse over the photo and a small window will appear called “Tag Photo”. Click on it and you will be taken to a page that only displays this photo with comments, etc. You can hover your mouse over the photo again and frames will automatically appear around all the faces in the image. If Facebook recognizes your photo, it will ask if you want to tag yourself. Yes, Facebook can detect who you are and will automatically recognize you in the photos you upload!

If the tag is for someone else, you will see a pop-up window where you can start typing a name. It will automatically open a filtered list of your friends.

With FaceBook, every photo you upload must be in an album, even if you didn’t create a special album. For example, if you post a status update and include a photo, it goes to the photo album in the timeline. If you upload a photo from your phone, it goes to the Mobile Uploads album. There are also albums with profile pictures and cover photos.

If you want to create an album, you either click Create Album as shown in the image above or click the Create Album button at the top. You can upload as many photos to an album as you like, but it is usually recommended to create a new album for a related set of photos, such as a wedding, a trip to Vegas, a cruise ship, etc. Once you have selected the photos to upload, they will start downloading automatically. Until then, you can start adding album information.

Give your album a title and optionally add a description and location. You can also click the Sort by Shooting Date button if you want them to be automatically sorted by date. Otherwise, you can simply move them to a new location by clicking on the gray bar at the bottom of each photo and dragging it.

You can also leave a comment for each photo and even specify the date and location for each photo. A small button on the right side of the gray bar allows you to rotate images. To tag a person in a photo, simply hover over any face and click to tag it. At the bottom, you can click the Add Photo button to add more photos to the album, and you can check the High Quality checkbox if you want them to keep high resolution when loaded.

Finally, sharing is set to Friends by default, but you can click the little arrow and select one of your lists, or create your own set of people. Finally, click the “Post Photos” button and your album will be published on your profile for everyone to see.

To edit your cover and profile picture, simply go to your main profile and click on the little camera icons.

Finally, when it comes to tags, you can see which photos you’ve been tagged on, and you can also preview the tags before they appear on your profile if you’ve turned on tag viewing. To see all of this, click the View Activity Log button on the cover.

Click Browse Tags or Posts You Are Tagged to see which posts you are tagged with and which are still pending.

When you click Browse Tags, you can enable or disable this feature if you like. It seems to be enabled by default. It is recommended to check back here from time to time because I had over 50 tags that I did not approve and therefore never showed up on my profile. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll try to help. Enjoy!

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