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How to Turn Off Autoplay on Netflix

How to Turn Off Autoplay on Netflix.

As much as I love Netflix, I still have a few small problems with it. The problem is that we were unable to turn off autoplay. While it doesn’t really matter, it’s pretty frustrating that Netflix starts playing trailers with audio when I just want to calmly browse the homepage. I’m glad Netflix heeded our woes and suggested turning it off. Let’s see how.

There are 2 types of autoplay features on Netflix; One that automatically plays the next episode in the series, and the other shows you previews and trailers when viewed on the homepage. Netflix allows you to customize these features individually. In fact, I like the autoplay option for the next episode (it’s great for bingeing), so I’ll leave it on.

How to turn off autoplay features on Netflix

1. Log into Netflix in a web browser and select your profile. These settings can be set differently for each profile, so everyone can use it according to their preferences.

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2. Then go to your account settings from the profile menu in the upper right corner. Since there is no autoplay feature in the Netflix app, this option is not available in the app, but you can go to account settings in the More section, it will be redirected to the browser.

3. Scroll down and tap Play Settings under My Profile.

4. Uncheck the box next to Autoplay previews when viewed on all devices. As stated in the option, these settings will apply to all devices, so you do not need to configure the setting on each device separately.

5. To prevent the next episode from playing automatically, uncheck the box next to Automatically play the next episode in a series on all devices. As with autoplay preview, these settings will apply to all devices you use.

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Closing words

This is one of the features I’ve been waiting for from Netflix for a very long time. Netflix comes with a feature that applies to all devices, but only for your profile, which is more than I asked for. Anyway, I’m going to turn off autoplay for previews and leave autoplay on for the next episode. And what about you? Tell me about your favorite Netflix title in the comments below.

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