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How To Turn iOS Live Photos Into GIF Images

How To Turn iOS Live Photos Into GIF Images.

IOS Live Photo is good for two reasons. First, you can often catch hilarious moments in the seconds around the photo that are usually lost in the shot. Secondly, the same moments can be turned into GIFs, which the vast majority of users do not know about.

Any Live Photo already has everything you need to animate it, including a whole host of editing features that most users don’t know about.

Open the Live Photos folder


Open your Live Photos
  • folder To get started, you need to open the Live Photos folder (or select the Live Photo you want to edit from your album).
  • With the image you want to modify selected, swipe up from the center of the screen. This will display the Effects section.
  • By default, the effect will be set to Live but there are three more options – Repeat, Bounce and Long Exposure . Although all of these effects can be fun, you will need to use the Loop or Bounce effect to create a GIF.
  • The reason is simple. A Loop plays the movement in a loop, while bounce plays it forward and backward. Just choose one of these two options to create your GIF.
  • Next, you can find the GIF in a new folder called Animated . do not worry. If you don’t have this folder in iPhone before, it will be created automatically once you make these adjustments.
  • In addition to choosing how the animation will work, you can apply the standard range of adjustments ( Color Saturation , Filters , and Cropping

How to share

How to get involved

If Live Photos has a downside, it is that their “live” aspect is not visible to anyone outside the iOS ecosystem. However, these photos can be shared.

After editing the photo, open it in the Animated folder, and then email the file to yourself in .gif format. It’s really that simple; if you have a .gif in your email you can send it to anyone and they can view it whether they are an iOS user or not.

Keep in mind that if you try to share a Live Photo via email, it will result in a standard image file (most likely JPEG). However, if you share the photo through the Animation folder, you will get the desired result. – OS neutral GIF.

How To Turn iOS Live Photos Into GIF Images

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