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How to Take Polls on Google Chat

How to Take Polls on Google Chat.

Google Chat doesn’t have a built-in option for creating polls, but there is a bot store where you can add bots like Polly that can help you create polls in Google Chat. In case you’re curious, the bot store is similar to the apps feature in Slack and Microsoft Teams. So here’s how you can create polls in Google Chat

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How to conduct polls on Google Chat

Open Google Chat (currently only available to G Suite users) and click on the plus sign (+) next to the BOTS option on the left sidebar to add Polly.

You will be redirected to the Google Chat bot store, where you can find Polly in the search bar. Then click on the Add option next to Polly.

You can see a drop-down list with two options: “Message” and “Add to Room”. Click “Add to Room” and select the room you want to participate in from the pop-up window. You can even select multiple rooms if you like. Now click the Add button at the bottom of the popup.

You can see Polly greet everyone in all the rooms you add her to. Now, to get through the polls, you can simply mention @Polly and ask a question with at least two options in quotes. Here’s an example. @Polly “What’s the best game streaming service?” “Stadia” “Xcloud” “PlayStation Now”

Then you will see a message from Polly with a poll for your question

It’s also “case” and “operator”, so if you missed any sign (“) or (@) for mentioning it won’t work. Unfortunately, there is currently no other easy way to do polls with Polly or even in Google Chat.


Compared to Slack or Microsoft Teams, Polly works in Google Chat in a completely different way. While this process is a bit odd to use every time you conduct surveys, it works great when it comes to surveys. So what do you think of Polly? Let me know in the comments below.

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