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How To Stream On Twitch: A Guide For Newbies

At some point in history, gamers were considered outcasts and withdrawn people. The mention of games could not be spoken outside of certain social circles without ridicule or laughter. The idea that one day it would be possible to broadcast their gaming sessions live did not even occur to most young players. These were tough times.

Fast forward to the current day and you won’t even be able to figure out that Twitch hasn’t always been used. Since the transition from Justin.tv, gamers and game streamers have finally found refuge. This is still true even with the many changes made to the platform over the years.

Twitch has gotten so big it’s not about gaming anymore. It has also become a haven for artists, aspiring chefs and even people who just want to communicate directly with their audience using the ‘IRL’ category. Even as competitors like YouTube Gaming, Caffeine, and Mixer are eager to get a piece of the streamer pie, Twitch stands out above the rest. The platform is home to over 15 million daily viewers and nearly two million creators who entertain them.

It’s clear that you can’t just start streaming on Twitch without some tweaking and foresight on your part. You will need to figure out which system you will be streaming on, what streaming software you will be using, the various peripherals to increase the stream, and how to create an account.

How to Broadcast on Twitch: A Beginner’s Guide

Despite the recent transition to Mixer of two of Twitch’s biggest streamers, Ninja and Shroud, the Twitch platform continues to perform very well. Plus, it’s still considered the best streaming destination.

For beginners looking to learn how to stream on Twitch, whether it’s a hobby or a professional career, it can be difficult to know where to start. We think that the first thing you need to worry about is which system you plan to use for streaming.

Selecting settings

A gaming PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 are required if you plan to start streaming to Twitch. Twitch streaming requirements will vary depending on how you want your stream to look to your audience. Higher quality requirements will require higher technical specifications for computers.

We suggest building your own computer to fit whatever specifications you prefer. This will require additional technical knowledge and time, but this is the best way to “stream perfect”. Those who do not have the necessary knowledge or time to create a personalized PC may instead choose to use a console or an off-the-shelf PC depending on your preference.

High-end laptops are a worthy streaming investment as well, but usually aren’t as powerful as the systems previously mentioned. Less demanding games or anything you choose to stream to Twitch will require less investment.

Audio, video and voice

Headsets are a higher priority for console streamers as they can stream content directly to their device using the Twitch app. Plus, it’s more compact and easier to use than buying a set of separate parts required for PC streamers.


HyperX Cloud Stinger (Budget Purchase)

SteelSeries Arctis 7 for PC / PS4 or Xbox One (mid way)

Victrix Pro AF (high quality, competitive)

A webcam is not a requirement for streaming on Twitch, but it increases audience engagement, which is helpful if you ever plan to do it big. There are many viable hardware options out there, but most beginners should choose the Logitech HD Pro C920 or C922

Each one provides 1080p HD video streaming and recording, delivering 720p output at 60fps.

For PC users, a dedicated microphone is a better choice than a headset. The most talked about microphone that all streamers swear by is the Blue Yeti

While there are other higher quality options as well as more budgetary options, this mic is the best option for a new streamer. It delivers professional quality at an affordable price, and for most streamers, updates start and end on the Blue Yeti

Create Twitch Account

  1. After downloading and installing on the machine, log in and activate it.
  2. Open the game you want to stream through your console controller.
  3. Press the Xbox button (or the Share button for PS4) and select Twitch.
  4. Change the settings to your liking before streaming.
  5. Once the stream is live, you can interact with the audience through a chat window or verbally through a purchased headset with microphone.

Newbie Streamer Pro Tips for Success

To become a professional streamer, you need to remain committed to your craft. Building a large audience and generating a stable income will take a lot of time. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.

Though gear is an important component of streaming, don’t allow yourself to become overly concerned with having the best options. You can always upgrade later so just use what you have access to or that which your budget allows.
A niche game has a stronger likelihood of bringing in a new audience. High-profile games already have plenty of streamers and their own viewers that it making it nearly impossible for new streamer growth.
Spruce up your channel with images and information including a personal bio and social media connections.
Engage with your audience early and often. Stronger streamers will have developed a certain rapport with their viewer base.
Stream regularly and provide a visible schedule to your viewers.
Keep a watchful eye on your streams health and statistics to understand your audience and gauge their interests.

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