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How to set zoom issues with chromebook

How to set zoom issues with chromebook.

One of the major changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic is the shift from traditional ways of working, learning and doing business to digital methods.

A lot of meetings and interactions with teammates have moved to video, and Zoom is at the heart of this new global order.

With this shift, there has been a huge demand for smartphones, tablets and computers that can work with Zoom. While you can install and run Zoom on most devices, there are some differences in using the app on a Chromebook compared to a Windows PC or Mac.

If you’d like to host or join a meeting, follow the instructions in this guide to learn how to use Zoom on your Chromebook.

How to Use Zoom on a Chromebook

There are several ways to use Zoom on a Chromebook. You can use the web interface, but it may not be the best option for you. Alternatively, you can find and install the official Zoom app in the Chrome store and install it on your Chromebook.

You can start or join a meeting, invite contacts, manage attendees, and more through the Zoom ChromeOS app. However, you won’t get all of the features available for the Zoom desktop, web client, or mobile app.

Fortunately, Zoom is partnered with Google to develop a brand new Chrome client that is expected to launch before June 2021. The new client will provide optimization of the web client or progressive web applications for features, speed and compatibility.

The existing Chrome app continues to receive updates for efficiency and speed, but you need to run the latest ChromeOS and the latest Zoom client on Chrome for the best experience. Make sure that all other browser tabs or unnecessary applications are also closed so that you can use the Zoom Chrome app.

  1. To start using Zoom on your Chromebook, download and install the official Zoom app from the Chrome Web Store.

How to Download and Install Zoom on Chromebook

  1. Click the application launcher.

  1. Then click “Zoom” to open the application.

  1. Sign in using your Zoom credentials (a Zoom, Google or Facebook account) or single sign-on. If you’re using a school-made Chromebook, enter your school credentials.

  1. Make sure your internet connection is stable and your microphone and camera are connected. You can join a test meeting to make sure they all work correctly.

You can also download the Zoom app from the Google Play Store and install it on your Chromebook in the same way you install apps on Android devices.

  1. To do this, select the Play Store app in the app. launcher.

  1. Enter “Zoom” in the search bar and search for Zoom Cloud Meetings.

  1. Select Install. Once installed, select “Open” or “Zoom” from the application launcher and start or join a meeting.

Note. Follow our detailed guide on how to set up and use Zoom and get started participating in meetings or online courses. While using Zoom on a Chromebook, you won’t be able to access some features, but they are available on PC and Mac. However, most of the functions are similar, so you shouldn’t have a hard time using them.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting on Chromebook

Windows or Mac users can record a Zoom meeting locally or in the Zoom cloud no matter which plan you are using.

On Chromebooks, you can’t access the recording feature with a free account, which means you’ll have to upgrade to a paid account to get this opportunity. However, even with a paid account, you’re only limited to the cloud account.

  1. To get started, make sure you have a paid or school account, start or join a meeting, and then select the Record button on the meeting toolbar.

Note. The meeting will be recorded in the cloud.

  1. You can click the Pause / Stop button to pause or stop recording at any time.

  1. After the meeting ends, go to the Zoom web portal, sign in and go to the Personal section of the navigation menu. Select “Recordings” to access your recording.

  1. Then go to Cloud Recordings to access your recording.

  1. Select More> Download from the options available to download the recording to your Chromebook or share it with others via a link.

Can You Change Zoom Virtual Backgrounds on Chromebook?

Zoom for Chromebook lets you access many of the same great features you get on your PC or Mac. You can join audio/video, chat during a meeting, invite and manage attendees, control screen sharing, use breakout rooms, start/stop and pin videos, etc.

However, the version of Zoom that runs on Chromebooks doesn’t let you change the background. You won’t find virtual background pickers on Chromebooks as you do on Zoom for PCs or Macs.

Apart from the virtual background feature, Chromebooks lack some of the other Zoom features you’d normally find on PCs and Macs. These include:

What to Do When Zoom Isn’t Working on Chromebook

If you can’t get Zoom to work on your Chromebook, you can try this:

Enjoy Zoom Meetings on Chromebook

While some compatibility issues with the Chrome operating system may prevent you from using some Zoom features, Chromebooks are still a great alternative to Windows PCs or Macs. If you’re looking to buy a Chromebook, check out our favorite budget Chromebooks, or learn how to turn your old laptop into a Chromebook and use it for Zoom meetings.

How to set zoom issues with Chromebook

How to set zoom issues with Chromebook

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