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How To Set Up Your First Facebook Advert (Part 1)

In the old days (before the Internet), if you wanted to advertise something, you put an ad in the newspaper and hoped that someone would be interested. Or, if you have money to spend on it, it could be a billboard or TV ad.

But many people who see your ad will not be interested in what you have to offer, and people who are interested may not see it at all.

So when the Internet came along, micro-current laser guidance could now target the right buyers based on their interests. Facebook is one of the largest online players and the good news is that anyone can create powerful Facebook ads for just a few dollars.

Set up your own Facebook ads for $ 5 a day

Set up your Facebook ad for $ 5 a day

While you can technically run Facebook ads for $ 1 per day, you really need to increase the amount to a minimum of $ 5 per day if you want to see any meaningful results. But if you have a budget, the more you invest, the more attention you get.

First of all, it should be emphasized that you are in complete control of your budget. You specify a maximum daily amount for Facebook, and when they reach that amount, the ads stop until the next day. So you never get horrible bills that you can’t pay for.

Increased number of posts versus Facebook ads

There are two forms of advertising on Facebook – message promotion and topical advertising. It’s worth taking a little time to explain the difference.

Boost Post is a very limited form of Facebook advertising, and many people consider it a waste of money. But I think they have their place if used correctly. I used boosted posts to promote my dog’s fan page from 50 to over 750 active fans.

With regular Facebook ads, you can customize them to add tons of amazing features. You have complete control over messages and images.

However, with a boosted post, it does what the title says – it takes an existing Facebook post on your page and simply increases its presence for others who might be interested in viewing it.

Reinforced struts are a good way to gently submerge your toes in the advertising water if all of this makes you nervous. But today we will go straight to the present.

Creating the Right Facebook Ads

Start a suitable Facebook ad

Obviously, you need a Facebook account. Create a personal account first, and then use your personal account to create a Facebook business page Both are free and you need a business page to display ads.

After setting up your business page, go to Ad Manager and click the green Create button on the left.

It will ask you if you want to do quick or guided creation. Choose the latter.

The first thing you need to do is decide on your marketing goal. In other words, why do you want to run ads? What do you hope to get from this?

When you click on one of these, Facebook explains what it means and what you can expect from that option. This is what you will see if you click on “Traffic”.

For the purposes of this article, I will focus on this one. So let’s take a look at the options above.

Now click “Continue”.

There are quite a few options on the following pages, and not all of them are necessary for beginners. So I’ll just show you the ones you need to place your first ad online. As you progress through each function, you will see how this starts to change.

For an ad to be effective, you need to make it narrow (green) or specific (red). Remember what I said about targeting the desired audience.

Ok, let’s go. First, choose where your traffic goes.

Now the audience section, and this is the part you need to spend the most time on. It will make or break your ad.

If this is your first time, ignore custom audiences and skip straight to the Addresses section.

Where it says Include, the dropdown menu will allow you to select Exclude. So pick one and then add your desired geographic location. It can be a continent, country, or a specific state, city, town, or village. Think about where your customers are likely to be.

I selected the United States and they are added to the list.

To keep your audience narrow or specific, limit the number of seats. Don’t go crazy.

Now enter the age, gender and spoken languages ??of the person. Do you see the dial move to the left until it turns green or red?

Detailed targeting is keywords. Make a list of all the relevant keywords for your ad to make sure the right people see it. But Facebook must already have a keyword in its database for you to select it. But be specific – try e-books instead of books. Or audiobooks.

Once you have the narrowest or most specific audience possible, it’s time to move on.

Okay, that’s enough for today. In the next article, I’ll show you how to make graphics that go with your ad copy and finally send it all to Facebook for approval.

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