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How To Screenshot Login Screen in Windows 10 (2020)

How To Screenshot Login Screen in Windows 10 (2020).

The old way to execute “PrtSc” in Windows 10 works on the lock screen, but does not work on the login screen for security reasons. Likewise, adding the Snipping tool to Easy Access doesn’t work in the new Windows 10. So how do I take a screenshot of the Windows 10 login screen? Fortunately, there is an easy way around this problem using the Windows Snip & Sketch tool. Let’s see how.

Windows 10 login screen shot

First, let’s use

Snip & Sketch tool. For the unknown, this is a versatile markup and screenshot tool, very similar to the Snipping Tool. But in the end, Snip & Sketch will replace the Snipping Tool.

Similar to the Snipping tool, even the Snip & Sketch tool is not available on the login screen. So, there is no direct way to take a screenshot of the login screen. However, we can set a 3 second timer in Snip & Sketch. In the meantime, return to the login screen, and by the time the screenshot is triggered, you will be at the login screen.

Before we start, make sure you haven’t uninstalled the Snip & Sketch tool from your Windows 10 computer. If you have one, you can easily install the Snip & Sketch app from the Microsoft Store.

1. Go to the Start menu and type “Snip & Sketch”. On the right side, you will have an option titled “New Fragment in 3 Seconds” in the quick options section. Click here.

If you feel like you might need a lot more time, select New Snippet in 10 Seconds.

2. Then quickly press “Win + L” to lock the Windows laptop.

3. Then swipe up on the lock screen to go to the login screen. This is the screen where we want to take a screenshot. Hence, wait until you see the screenshot animation. This means that the screenshot we initiated was triggered.

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3. Once you see the screenshot animation, log in to your Windows computer by entering your login password, and Snip & Sketch will launch on your desktop with a preview of the login screen image. Click the Full Screen icon at the top to take the correct screenshot.

Then you can copy and paste the screenshot or save it in PNG format.

Closing words

The same method can be done with scissors. However, unlike Snip & Sketch, this process is not easy. Moreover, the Snipping Tool will soon become obsolete and so you better jump off the ship.

If you have any further questions or concerns, let me know in the comments below.

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