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How to Schedule Tweets on Web And Mobile App

How to Schedule Tweets on Web And Mobile App.

Twitter recently released an update that allows you to schedule and compose tweets via the Twitter web app. This feature was already present on Twitter’s TweetDeck dashboard. So, power users might have scheduled tweets before. However, it is also not available to Internet users. This is how you schedule tweets using the Twitter web app.

How to schedule Tweets on the web

To schedule a tweet, go to the Twitter web app or desktop app. A new icon will be available to you at the top of the home page where you tweet. This is a tweet schedule / draft variation.

In the pop-up window, you will see the option to set the date and time. By default, Twitter picks a date well ahead of time. Moreover, Twitter does not allow you to edit the date and time of scheduled tweets. So make sure you set a date and time before scheduling a tweet. When you’re done, click the confirm button at the top and then click the Schedule button.

In addition, you will see a “Scheduled Tweets” link in the schedule menu. Here you can see your scheduled tweets and delete them if you change your mind. In the same menu there is a “Drafts” tab. You can see your posted tweets here.

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Twitter also saves your tweet in case you write it and forget to write it. What’s more, Twitter syncs it with both the desktop and the web app. For example, if you are logged in to multiple computers, your draft tweets will sync with them. However, these draft tweets will not sync with the mobile app.

How to schedule tweets on mobile

Scheduling and composing tweets is only available on the desktop and the Twitter web app. Hence, you cannot schedule or compose tweets on Twitter mobile apps yet. However, there is a workaround.

If you open Twitter in your mobile browser, the web app appears instead. Now when you click the compose tweet icon at the bottom, you can open the same tweet schedule menu. Alternatively, you can also access your drafts. As such, we can expect this feature to eventually migrate to the mobile app.

Twitter allows you to schedule / draft tweets in the mobile web app rather than the mobile app.

It’s great to see Twitter open up these features to every Twitter user. Alternatively, if you need additional functionality along with scheduling tweets, you can use other Twitter client apps like Tweeten, Twidere, etc.

By the way, it would be great if we got the post schedule on Instagram and Facebook. I am currently using a third party Instagram tool called Planoly to schedule Instagram posts.

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