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How to Schedule Emails to Be Sent Later

There are some really great email services out there, and some of them even let you schedule your newsletter. A scheduled email is a message that you can send in the future; just write a message ahead of time and set up a delay for emails so they don’t leave until the day and time you specify.

If you’re the type of person who writes emails but forgets to send them on time and they stay in your draft folder for too long, sending an email at a specific time in the future may be exactly what you need. Or maybe you have something to say, but for a few more days it is not relevant; just schedule the message to be sent at the right time.

Most of us are likely to find use for email scheduling. Fortunately, some of the largest email service providers support this feature.

Note. Outlook.com, Yahoo, ProtonMail, and possibly some other email service providers do not include the ability to schedule email messages from their respective websites. However, you can still set up scheduled mailing using a standalone mail client, as described at the bottom of this page.

Schedule emails on Gmail

Scheduling a Gmail message to be sent later is as easy as selecting the Schedule Sending option.

Step 1. Click the down arrow next to the Submit button and select Schedule Submission. You can do this from any message box, whether you are writing a new email, replying to it, or forwarding a message.

Step 2: choose one of the suggested times or select a date and time to customize when the email should go out. You can select any date on the calendar and, if you wish, specify the exact time when the email should be delivered on that day.

Step 3. Click on “Schedule Send” to queue the email for sending.

Gmail stores emails not yet sent in the Scheduled folder, which you can access from the left panel under the Sent Items folder. The date the email was sent is listed on the right, but you can open it and read the line at the very bottom of the email to see the exact date and time.

To cancel a scheduled Gmail email, open the message from the Scheduled folder and select Cancel Send. To cancel several scheduled emails at once, select them from the list of scheduled emails and click the cancel button at the top.

Schedule emails on Yandex.Mail

The postpone sending function in Yandex.Mail was used to send an email later.

Step 1. While composing an email, select the small clock icon next to the Send button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, tap the word today, and then choose when to send the email. In the dropdown next to the date selector, you can change the date when the email will be sent.

Step 3. Make sure you sent the email and then click the big yellow send button to schedule it.

Yandex.Mail stores scheduled messages in the Outbox folder. You can open the scheduled email there to change the message text; just hit the submit button when you’re done editing and it will return to the same folder to wait for the submission.

To change the sending time of a scheduled email, open that specific message and repeat the steps above, clicking Submit again to save the new date / time. Or, to cancel the scheduled submission and send it right away, uncheck the pop-up box in step 2 and just click Submit.

Schedule emails on GMX

GMX is another popular email service that allows you to send emails at a specific date and time.

Step 1. Click on the clock icon next to the “Send” button.

Step 2: Select the second circle to choose when to send the email. Use the built-in calendar to select the day of the week, then adjust the time to the right if you want to change the time the email is sent.

Step 3: Click OK to save your changes. The scheduled time appears next to the clock icon.

A scheduled email in GMX is stored in the Outbox folder where you can edit it anytime before the sent time. To change or cancel the sending time of an email, find it in your Outbox, tap the clock icon, and select Change Send Time.

Schedule emails with Thunderbird

Using an email program like Thunderbird to send emails on a schedule is really helpful because it doesn’t matter which email service you use; this works for all of them. If you can set up email in Thunderbird, you can use the delayed send feature.

For example, you can use Thunderbird to schedule Yahoo email, to schedule email from Outlook.com, or to pick an exact time to send AOL Mail email even if none of those websites have built-in scheduling support.

Thunderbird does not have a scheduled send feature by default, but you can easily add it using the Send Later add-in.

Step 1. Download the Send Later add-on from the link above.

Step 2. Go to Tools> Add-ons in Thunderbird.

Step 3: Drag the extension file directly to the left pane of Thunderbird, where there is a list of “Get add-ons, extensions, themes and plugins”.

Step 4. Select “Install Now” at the installation prompt.

Step 5. Restart Thunderbird by choosing Restart Now or by closing the program and then reopening it.

Step 6. Write the letter you want to send later.

Step 7. Instead of clicking the usual Submit button, choose File> Submit Later.

Step 8: Enter the time to send the email. You can even schedule an email to be sent periodically by selecting one of the Repeat options and entering values ??at the bottom of the invitation.

Step 9. Select Submit .

You can edit or cancel an email that has not yet been sent in Thunderbird by finding it in the Drafts folder.

Tip: Some of the options you can change for the Send Later add-on for Thunderbird include making a regular Send Later button the same as Send Later (so you don’t accidentally send the message you wanted schedule) and change keyboard shortcuts.

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