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How To Schedule an Email To Go Out At a Set Time

Sometimes, when you have time to write an email, it may not be the best time to send it. Maybe you want to wait for an event or news to arrive before your email is sent.

Regardless of the reason, being able to schedule an email to be sent at a set time is a valuable tool.

This article will show you how to schedule an email to be sent at a set time in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. You will learn how to do this both on the web and on PC and mobile clients.

Schedule Gmail Email

In 2019, Google finally added email scheduling functionality to Gmail in both web and mobile clients. Easy to use scheduled send function.

Scheduling emails in the Gmail web client

Schedule emails in the Gmail web client
  • When in the email compose window, simply select the down arrow next to the Send button. You will see an option to select Schedule Transmission .

You can view all scheduled emails by selecting Scheduled from the left navigation menu.

Scheduling email in the mobile Gmail client

Schedule Emails in the Gmail Mobile Client

This mostly works in the mobile Gmail client.

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Schedule a Yahoo email

Unlike Gmail, Yahoo does not have a scheduled send feature. This means that you will need to find a third party service to help you schedule emails through Yahoo.

The Boomerang browser plugin used to be used for scheduling email to Yahoo, but Boomerang for Yahoo is no longer supported.

Luckily, you can use another service called Later.io There is a free account where you can send up to 10 emails a month. If you need to plan more, you will need to choose one of the available plans.

When you sign up for Later.io, make sure you sign up with the email address you want to send messages from. You will need to click the link in the confirmation email to complete.

Unfortunately, you need to schedule email to be sent from a service other than Yahoo Mail, but this is the only way to get around Yahoo’s lack of email scheduling functionality.

Schedule an email in Outlook

Boomerang continues to offer a scheduled email service for Outlook users. It works with Outlook.com.

Once you make your selection, a blinking indicator will appear at the top of the email with the date it was sent.

Schedule an email in Outlook Desktop

The Outlook desktop has a scheduled send feature called Delayed Delivery.

Schedule emails using Google Sheets

If you find yourself sending out monthly batches of emails to different people, such as executives or colleagues, with reports or other information, Google Sheets is the perfect solution.

You can easily customize a Google spreadsheet that contains the recipients, subject lines, and the main set of emails you want to send.

function sendEmails () {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet ();
// var startRow = 1; // First line of data to process
var dataRange = sheet.getDataRange ();
var last_row = dataRange.getLastRow ();

// Get the values ??for each line in the Range.
var data = dataRange.getValues ??();

for (var i = 1; i var row = data [i];
var emailAddress = row [0];
var subject = row [1];
var message = row [2];
MailApp.sendEmail (emailAddress, subject, message);
dataRange. clearContent ();

All you have to do during the month is to fill out the list of emails you want to send on your designated date. This is one of the easiest ways to send bulk emails thanks to Google’s script launcher.

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