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How To Schedule a Post On Reddit

The impact of social media has been studied for years, and it cannot be denied that the perfect social media post depends a lot on the time it was sent. Sending a tweet that you always thought would bring in big numbers in AM and not PM can be a huge mistake.

Many social media sites have built-in solutions for scheduling your posts, and if not, third-party tools like HootSuite for Twitter are often used.


However, Reddit is a social site where post scheduling can be a little anomalous. There are solutions, but almost none of them are free. Others require loading complex scripts or browser extensions. However, Cronnit, the best free web-based Reddit post planner to post to Reddit, is different.

What is Cronnit?

Cronnit is a free open source web service for submitting scheduled posts to Reddit It was developed by active Redditor, / u / KayRice, and is maintained regularly.

This service comes with no additional fees and works using the Reddit API via OAuth2 authentication. There is no limit other than a daily limit of five messages per day for each account. However, you can schedule unlimited messages for the future.

Services like Later for Reddit and Delay for Reddit charge a monthly fee and have much tighter monthly posting restrictions.

How do I use Cronnit to post to Reddit?

Using Cronnit is completely safe and easy. Since Cronnit uses OAuth2, its servers never interact with your Reddit password.

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