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How to Scan With Image Capture on Mac

How to Scan With Image Capture on Mac.

If you are running Windows in the background, you may be used to the sheer amount of unwanted software that scanner and printer manufacturers insist on being installed on your computer before use. This is a much easier solution for macOS users who can use the built-in scanning software to make copies of documents.

Image Capture is the app you need to use on macOS. It comes pre-installed as part of the core suite of apps and, thanks to its simple user interface, is pretty easy to use. Here’s how to scan with Image Capture on a Mac if you have the right scanning device installed.

Also, don’t forget to watch our YouTube video from our sister site, where we’ll show you how to scan documents with your iPhone, in case it gets easier.

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Set up a scanner on macOS

Before you can start scanning with Image Capture on Mac, you need to install a scanner on your macOS device. This includes standalone scanners, multifunction printers with built-in scanners, and wireless printing and scanning devices.

Scanning and printing devices connected to the network must be marked with a green icon. If your scanning device is installed on macOS and it appears dormant, you can start using it in the Image Capture app.

If you’re only doing quick scans, you can also use the alternative Scanner app. To do this, click the Scan tab for your device in the Printers & Scanners menu in System Preferences. From here, click the Open Scanner button to open the Scanner app for your device.

Using Image Capture on a Mac

There are alternatives to using Image Capture for basic document scanning, such as using receipt scanning applications or the built-in Scanner alternative for quick scanning.

However, most users will prefer to use Image Capture, especially for scanning multiple documents or images at the same time. It offers all the functions you need to scan one or more documents at the same time in a user-friendly interface.

You can repeat the Image Capture scanning process for multiple pages or documents using the settings you choose, or change the settings for each page you scan. The scanning process will be the same – your images will be saved in a selected folder, accessible using the Finder application, after the device finishes scanning.

Work paperless with macOS

Using Image Capture on Mac to scan your favorite images and important documents can help you ditch paper and become a true paperless home or office. All you need is a macOS device and a quality scanner to help you, especially if you want to scan a large number of photos or documents in one go.

If you are scanning old photos, you will need some storage space. Instead of storing them locally, store your photos in the cloud to keep them safe. If you have any other scanning tips, leave them in the comments below.

How to Scan With Image Capture on Mac

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