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How to Restore a Folder that has Turned into a Package in OS X

How to Restore a Folder that has Turned into a Package in OS X.

Like all software, macOS is not immune to random bugs or problems. Although rare, folders in macOS can sometimes change from showing regular folders to packages like those used to install new macOS applications. This can also happen on purpose, especially if you are creating new software.

Fortunately, recovering a folder on a Mac is easy when needed. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest is to use the Mac Terminal app. Here’s how to recover a folder on Mac regardless of format.

Restore a folder on a Mac using Terminal

The Mac Finder tries to automatically determine the true purpose of a file or folder so it knows how to handle it properly. If the wrong attributes have been applied to a folder, Finder will treat your folder as a package and prevent you from accessing the files stored inside.

The same will happen if your folder has the wrong extension like .app. For these instructions to work, you need the macOS developer tools Xcode installed, as the getfileinfo and setfile commands are not installed by default on macOS.

After removing the has bundle attribute, try to access the folder in the Finder, located as an icon in the Dock or Launcher. If you still can’t access the folder, make sure that your folder doesn’t have an unusual extension attached.

After removing the extension, your folder should be back to normal in Finder, allowing you to open it normally.

You can also access files and folders from a genuine macOS package (such as a PKG or DMG file). In this case, the easiest way is to extract the content to a new folder.

Extract Mac folders using Terminal

This macOS package comes with a variety of file formats, including PKG and DMG files. The approaches to recovering or extracting folders in these formats differ slightly. If you want to restore folders from the original macOS package files, Terminal allows you to do so.

These methods assume that you are trying to access folders from packed PKG or DMG files. If the files are damaged (or are not real PKG or DMG files), these instructions will not work.

The contents of your DMG file will be restored to a new folder, ready for your access.

The contents of the PKG package file will be extracted to the location you specified.

Work with MacOS files and folders

If you don’t know how to recover a folder on Mac, please try these methods first. In many cases, you can repair a corrupted macOS folder by fixing the extension or removing certain file attributes. If you have a genuine macOS package file in PKG or DMG format, you can extract its contents using the Terminal application.

However, not all folders can be restored. You should consider backing up your Mac with Time Machine to make sure you can always get your files back even if the folder becomes corrupted or inaccessible in the future.

How to Restore a Folder that has Turned into a Package in OS X

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