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How To Remove EXIF Data From Your Photos

If you take photos with any of the available modern devices, it is likely that the device also adds additional information to those photos as it captures and saves them.

This additional information, called EXIF ??data, usually includes the camera model, the date the photo was taken, your geolocation information, and so on. Some applications on your devices use this additional information to help you organize your photos.

While there is nothing wrong with keeping EXIF ??data embedded in your photos while it is stored on your personal devices, there are times when you might want to delete the data, such as when you post those photos online. P>

Fortunately, most devices allow you to easily remove EXIF ??data from photos.

Delete EXIF ??data from photos (Windows)

Remove Photo EXIF ??data (Windows)

Windows users can easily as they have both built-in and third-party method to delete EXIF ??data of photos. Both options are easy to use, and below shows how to access and use them.

Using the built-in parameter

A built-in option is found in Windows Explorer on your PC and allows you to view as well as delete photo metadata.

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Depending on the option you selected above, all or some of your photo data will be deleted on your computer.

Using the application

While the built-in option removes EXIF ??data from your photos without issue, in some cases it fails for some users.

If you want a full verification method, you can use a third-party application called FileMind QuickFix, which removes EXIF ??data from your photos with one click. This is how it works.

Remove EXIF ??data from photos (Mac)

Remove Photo EXIF ??data (Mac)

If you are a Mac user, there is a great free and fast app to remove EXIF ??data from any photos on your computer.

You will notice that the app does not display information about your photos in its panel. This confirms that ImageOptim has indeed removed all EXIF ??data from your images.

Delete EXIF ??photo data (Android)

Remove Photo EXIF ??Data (Android)

If you have photos saved on your Android device, you do not need to transfer them to your computer to delete EXIF ??data. You can accomplish this task on your Android device itself using a free app from the Google Play Store.

Remove EXIF ??data from photos (iOS)

Remove EXIF ??image data (iOS)

IPhone and iPad users also have an app to remove EXIF ??data from photos on their device. It is a free app that removes EXIF ??data with one touch.

The app will add new versions of your photos to your device without metadata. You will find these new versions in the Photos app on your device.

Take photos without location data (Android)

Taking photos without location data (Android)

If you want your future photos not to include location data, you can turn off location data on your Android device.

Take photos without location data (iOS)

Taking photos without location data (iOS)

You can also disable the iOS camera app from recording your location in photos. Here’s how to access and disable the Sharing feature on your iOS device.

The Camera app will not be able to use your location data, and as a result, your photos will not have geodata embedded on your iPhone or iPad.

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