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How to Remotely Sign Out of Chromebook

How to Remotely Sign Out of Chromebook.

There are times when you’ve logged into someone’s Chromebook and forgot to log out. Since this is a Google account, it obviously contains a lot of data such as photos, payment details, and more. Luckily, Chromebooks are completely Internet devices, so you can easily sign out of them remotely from any device. That’s how

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Log out of the Chromebook when you’re away

Start by signing in to your Google account from a trusted device such as a computer or smartphone. You can do this by opening your web browser by going to Google Search click your profile picture and click Manage Google Account. Or you can click this link to directly open a Google account.

Now on the security tab, scroll down to find the section called “Your Devices”, click on “Manage Devices” below it.

Now select the Chromebook you want to sign out of.

Now click on the exit token and click on the exit again in the pop-up window.

As soon as you log out, it will log out of the Chrome browser on the Chromebook and show a login error.

Almost all applications you installed will be disabled, but they will remain available.

And as soon as someone clicks on the login error option, they will log out completely on the Chromebook and ask to login again.

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While it won’t automatically log out, it’s a great way to keep your data and Google account safe. But remember, people can still access multiple apps and data stored on a Chromebook under your account. The good news is that it will completely exit the Chromebook directly if the Chromebook is already closed.

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