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How to Record Screen on iPhone 2023

How to Record Screen on iPhone 2023.

If taking screenshots or sharing photos doesn’t help you communicate effectively, you can capture the action on your iPhone with screen recording with sound.

Screen Recording on iPhone Screen is an easy, convenient, and effective way to capture anything in your video. You can use it for online teaching, educational purposes, or for giving presentations.

Here are the steps to record the screen on your iPhone.how to screen record on iPhone 11 pro max.

How to Screen Record on iPhone

You can screen iPhone activity using the built-in screen recorder or a third-party app.

How to Record Screen on iPhone with the Built-in Screen Recorder

  1. To start screen recording and record audio on your iPhone, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 11 or newer. To check if you are using this version, go to Settings> General.

  1. Click About Me.

  1. Check the Software Version section.

  1. Then start the screen recorder. You can do this by going to Settings> Control Center.

  1. Click Customize Controls.

  1. Tap the + (Plus / Add) sign next to Screen Recording.z

  1. Pull up the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge or swiping down from the top-right edge of the screen, depending on your iPhone model.

  1. Then turn on Do Not Disturb mode by pressing the crescent moon button. Do not disturb mode is useful because it temporarily suspends all notifications and calls that might otherwise interfere with the screen recording.

  1. You can also schedule to pause or turn off notifications for a specific period of time. To do this, click the “Do not disturb” button.

  1. Press the record down button.

  1. Press the Microphone to turn on the microphone.

Note. Once your microphone is enabled, it will remain enabled for future screen recording purposes unless you disable it.

  1. Click Start Recording and wait for the timer to expire before starting recording. begins.

Note. Not all apps allow you to display the recording on the iPhone.

  1. Then tap on the iPhone screen to hide the Control Center menu. You are now ready to record video and audio from your iPhone screen. A red status bar will appear at the top of the iPhone screen, indicating that you are recording.When you click on this red bar, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to stop recording. However, if you are watching an Instagram story or YouTube video and other media are open, the red bar will not appear.

Note. Any external sound or sound not coming from your iPhone will not be recorded. You need to turn on your microphone in order to record your conversation or another sound besides the sound played on the iPhone itself. Check out our pick of the best microphones for streaming.

  1. To stop recording, press the red bar and then press Stop.

Check the Photos app to find your recording among other photos and videos. From here, you can view, edit, crop, and share your video via email, social media, or Messages.

How to record screen on iPhone using a third-party app

If you need more features than your iPhone’s native screen recorder offers, such as video editing or screen capture, you can use a third-party iPhone screen recorder.

The best iPhone screen recorders not only offer features for recording videos or animations, but also the ability to edit or control videos.

There are several free and paid video editing apps, but sometimes using a dedicated package might be overkill if you just want a simple video editor to record.

Among the best screen recording apps you can find in the iOS App Store are:

Specifically, the TechSmith Capture screen recording app allows you to record screen and microphone so you can add voiceover or voiceover to your recordings. The app also stores your notes in an organized library where you can view, publish or delete them.

Write it down! goes further and allows you to record with the front camera and capture your reactions, especially when creating videos for social media such as Instagram or YouTube stories. This way, viewers can see you and your screen at the same time. In addition, you can import old recordings from your library, add annotations and video reactions.

Web Recorder captures what is happening on the web page you are recording, and Screen Recorder – Livestream lets you create your own watermark and use the whiteboard feature to annotate and showcase your skills.

Screen Record iPhone Activity

With the new iPhone Control Center feature, you can record your on-screen activity, whether you want to demo a bug, capture gameplay, or guide someone through a tutorial. Plus, you can edit, upload your YouTube video and share it with fans or friends.

Are there any other tips or favorite apps you would like to share for iPhone screen recording? Let us know in the comments.

How to Record Screen on iPhone 2021

How to Record Screen on iPhone 2021.

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