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How To Reboot & Select The Proper Boot Device On Windows

The error message “Restart and select the correct boot device” appears when the motherboard is unable to connect to the hard drive where the operating system is installed.

But there is no need to bring the computer for repair yet. In this post, you will learn some of the ways to fix the problem yourself.

Check the cables

Check the cables

You should first check the cables to make sure they haven’t come loose from the motherboard or hard drive.

If the PC case has recently been moved, this could be a factor. Examine the cable for damage. If there are no problems with cables or connections, you will need to investigate further.



BIOS is a program that resides on your motherboard. In simple terms, it is the program that runs all the shows – from your operating system to all the hardware components.

If your motherboard does not detect your hard drive, your BIOS (or in some cases UEFI) settings may provide an answer as to why.

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How to enter BIOS

Check BIOS settings

Check BIOS settings

Chances are your BIOS settings page will be different from someone else’s. It all depends on the manufacturer. However, the basic functionality should be the same.

The first thing you need to do is go to the main control panel and see if the motherboard detects the hard drive:

Check boot order

Review the boot order

Inside the BIOS there should be a Boot tab or something similar. Open this tab. Here you will find a list of programs, arranged in the order they start when you start your computer. This is the loading order.

Change the order so that your hard drive is the first boot device so that it boots first. Your motherboard may be trying to boot from USB which is causing the error.

Replace CMOS battery

Replace the CMOS battery

Another possible reason why you are getting the primary boot device error on Windows is that the CMOS battery is no longer working properly.

The battery is in the motherboard. When the CMOS battery is no longer in good working condition, it will cause all sorts of problems.

However, replacing the battery is very easy. Turn off the computer and remove the chassis panel. Next, carefully remove the battery. Dispose of residual charge. You can do this by holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

Now all that’s left to do is replace the battery with a new one and the problem with choosing the correct boot device should be gone.

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