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How to Play PC Games on Android

How to Play PC Games on Android.

We all love to play PUBG and Fortnite on our smartphones, and to be honest, these games perform well. However, the mobile counterparts of PC games are even nearly as good as graphics, frame rates, and overall experience. Or, let’s say you want to play Steam games without getting out of bed. This guide will show you how to play PC games on Android. Let’s get started.

Parsec is a new streaming service designed for gamers from the ground up. It offers seamless streaming to your smartphone, your computer handles all the heavy processing, and Parsec displays your phone screen over the internet.

How to play computer games on Android

Install Parsec on Windows

The first step is to install Parsec on your computer. For now, you can install Parsec on Ubuntu, macOS, Android and Windows. Hosting is allowed only on Windows. You can stream to macOS, Android, Ubuntu, and Raspbian. This means that you can play PC games on all devices, but not vice versa.

Go to parsecgaming and download the installation file for your OS.

After downloading the installer, configure Parsec on your computer. You will be prompted to enable controller support during installation. Make sure you select Yes.

Now create a new account for Parsec. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. After you create an account, we can use it to connect all devices. Log in to your account and proceed to the next step.

Now enable hosting. This allows your friends to play with you on this computer over the Internet.

We are done with the setup and you can rent a remote computer from Parsec or use yours to stream and play games on your Android device.

Not all homes have a dedicated game setup, but you can still play PC games, how? Parsec. They also rent out remote machines on an hourly basis and you can choose the configuration and start playing. If you have decent specs, you can use your computer, but if you want to play Crysis 3 on ultra high settings, you should probably rent a car, and don’t melt your processor. Prices are reasonable and you get amazing performance.

Install Parsec on Android

You can use the same account to log in to your Android device and start playing games. Install Parsec app from Play Store. At the time of this writing, Parsec has not yet been released and has worked very well for an application at such an early stage of development.

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After logging in, you will see the desktop on your Android device. You can start mirroring by clicking the play button next to your computer.

Before starting the application, it is recommended to connect the joystick to your smartphone. Most Bluetooth joysticks work with the app, and you can even use an OTG cable to connect wired controllers.

If you connect the joystick after starting mirroring, you can exit the application and then try again to get it working.

After restarting the Parsec application, the joystick functions. Now you can enjoy the game from your Android phone or tablet. The audio output is generated from the smartphone and your computer is disabled by default. Latency depends on your network speed, ISP, and the performance of your computer. I’ve tried Parsec with several games and it worked well. I could even squeeze 60 frames per second out of the app for some games.

Play computer games on Android

I tried several mirroring services like Splashtop, Teamviewer, Airserver, etc., but they all had the same problem. Lack of support for controllers on mobile and slow feed. Parsec understands the problem and solves it by building its service from scratch. Parsec’s mirroring is better than most of the competition, and I found almost no latency on the same network. However, when I received the channel over the Internet, there was a noticeable delay across different networks. Overall, Parsec is decent and offers great functionality and the user interface is impeccable, you can use Parsec if you want to try out heavy games and you have no specs to run it as they rent out cloud machines by the hour. Try Parsec to play PC games on your Android device and share your experience in the comments below.

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