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How to Play Among Us on Your Mac

How to Play Among Us on Your Mac.How to Play Among Us on a MacBook – 2 Easy Ways.

Despite its incredible popularity, Among Us is not officially available for Mac. This is surprising considering how viral a video game is on iOS, iPad, Android, and Windows. So if you want to experience Among Us on the big screen of your MacBook, there are a few workarounds you’ll need to take.

The first method is the easiest and involves downloading the iPad version of Among Us. However, this requires a MacBook running on the Apple Silicon chipset. The second method is based on using the android emulator to download among us. If you’re using an Intel Mac, this is your best bet.

Method 1: Install the iPad Version on Mac

If you’re using a MacBook with an Apple Silicon processor (such as the Mac M1), you can download and install the iPad version of Among Us on your Mac. It’s available for free on the Mac App Store. You just need to change your search settings a bit to make it appear.

Since the Apple Silicon version of macOS runs on the same architecture as iPadOS, Among Us for iPad performs exceptionally well on the Mac in terms of performance. The only problem is using touch gestures in the game, but macOS comes with built-in features that help you emulate them using your MacBook’s keyboard, trackpad, and mouse.

1. Open the Mac App Store.

2. Type among us! into the search bar in the upper left corner of the window and press Enter.

3. Click the iPhone & iPad Apps tab to view compatible iOS apps and iPadOS apps that match your search criteria. Then select Among Us! in search results.

Note. InnerSloth (the development team behind Among Us) does not provide an iOS version of Among Us for download on Mac.

4. Select Get > Install to download and install Among Us on your Apple Silicon MacBook.

5. Select Open to launch Among Us. Alternatively, you can open Among Us through the Mac launcher.

6. You should now see a pop-up window labeled Touch & Motion Alternatives that briefly describes how Mac users emulate touch gestures with their keyboard, trackpad, and mouse. You can access it later through the game’s settings panel, so select “Get Started” for now.

7. Accept privacy policy and terms of use among us.

8. Enter your date of birth and click OK.

9. Choose to sign in with a Among Us account (create free), play as a guest, or start a session offline.

Note. Continuing as a guest allows you to participate in multiplayer sessions, but you cannot create your own display name or chat with teammates and other players using the free chat feature.

10. To view touch gesture controls, select Among Us > Settings from the menu bar. Then, in the Touch Alternatives section, set the Show option to All Controls to see how the gestures work.

Or go to the Game Controls tab and set Controller Emulation to On to emulate a game controller using your keyboard, trackpad, and mouse.

Advice. You can call up the Among Us settings at any time by pressing Command + Comma.

11. You can now start a new game in Among Us. If you haven’t played it yet, select “How to play” to see the gameplay.

Method 2: Use an Android Emulator on Mac

If you are using an Intel Mac, you can use the emulation software to install the Android version of Among Us. We recommend using BlueStacks. It is quite user-friendly compared to other Android emulators for Mac, delivers excellent performance, and is video game oriented. Here’s how to set up BlueStacks on Mac and use it to install Among Us.

1. Download BlueStacks from the official website and run the Bluestacks installer on your Mac.

2. Select “Install Now” to start installing BlueStacks.

3. When prompted, enter your administrator password and select Install Helper.

4. Wait while the BlueStacks installer finishes copying the files.

5. BlueStacks will ask you for permission to manage your computer. To do this, select “Open System Preferences”, select the lock icon, enter the administrator password and check the box next to BlueStacks.

6. In addition, you must give BlueStacks permission to install the system extension on your Mac. To do this, go to the “General” tab in the “Security and Privacy” section and select “Allow”.

7. Restart your MacBook to complete the BlueStacks Android emulator installation.

8. Once your Mac has finished restarting, open BlueStacks via the Mac Launcher or Dock and select Let’s Go.

9. Sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, select Create an account to create an account for free.

10. Select I accept Google’s terms of use.

11. You should now see the BlueStacks home screen. To continue, go to the App Center tab.

12. Search among us!

13. Click the Install button next to Among Us. This should launch the Google Play Store in a new tab.

14. Select Install.

15. Wait for Among Us to finish installing. Then select “Open” to launch Among Us. Or go to the My Apps tab and open Among Us from the home screen.

16. In the Game Controls pop-up window that appears, check how the game controls work with your MacBook’s keyboard, trackpad, and mouse. You can switch between joystick and touch screen using the menu in the upper left corner of the panel. Then select OK.

Advice. You can always bring up the game control popup by pressing Shift + Command + H while playing Among Us.

18. Select “I understand” to accept the privacy policy and terms of use among us.

19. Enter your date of birth and click OK.

20. Sign in with a Among Us account, play as a guest, or start a session offline.

21. You can now start a new game in Among Us. Select “How to play” if you haven’t played it yet.

Not-So-Easy Method: Install Windows on Mac

Another way to play Among Us on a MacBook is to install the Windows PC desktop version. To do this, you must set up Windows on your Mac. You can then get the PC version of the game through Steam. Although it takes a lot of time and disk space, you can get a better experience among us compared to Android and iPad touch screen versions.

If you are using an Intel Mac, you can install Windows as a standalone operating system via Boot Camp. Simply download the Windows 10 ISO from the Microsoft website and then use Boot Camp Assistant to set up Windows. Only after that, do not forget to apply all Windows updates to improve software compatibility and performance.

The virtualization software also allows you to install Windows on a Mac. However, VirtualBox (which is free to use) can cause performance issues, while paid solutions like Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion perform much better. Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion also let you install ARM versions of Windows 11 on Apple Silicon Macs.

How to Play Among Us on Your Mac

How to Play Among Us on a MacBook – 2 Easy Ways

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